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Who remembers Conformed, Reborn, Transformed?

In the beginning of 2013, I sat down at my computer, intending to write a letter to my family members. Long story short, I ended up with a book, not a letter!
I finished my first draft in July, and I sent it to some friends. Their feedback encouraged me to take it to the next step. After another read through to correct any glaring typos, I self-published my first book on August 20, 2013 as Conformed, Reborn, Transformed.

I was surprised how quickly CRT was received. People had great things to say, and they began using the book in their evangelism right away. Turns out, though, that a quick re-read through is not "editing." I had let about 30 typos slip by, which probably bothered me more than anyone else. I fixed those typos and also ditched the colored "e"s on the front cover (why did I do that in the first place?) and re-published the book as a revised First Edition.
While visiting the United States in July 2015 (I live in New Zealand), I received a phone call from Rudy Cain, who operates World Video Bible School. I had been a student and admirer of WVBS for years. Rudy was interested in publishing my book! CRT was precious to me, so I was hesitant at first. In the end, I believe it was my father-in-law who convinced me to say yes.
Working with WVBS, we decided to change the name of the book to Transformed, and they also designed a new cover. With the help of my friends, Kyle Butt and Earl Edwards, we were able to polish the text up a little bit more. In September 2015, Transformed was officially published. This is what we referred to as the Second Edition. We had 10,000 printed right away. A year later, we were ordering another 10,000 copies! WVBS distributed 5 times more books in one year than I did in two years. And it's all about creating opportunities for the gospel.

My friendship with and respect for the good people of WVBS has grown tremendously since then. They are deeply concerned for the souls of the world, and that's why they do what they do.
A few months ago, I was thinking of how Transformed needed a bit of a refresh. I had been told of yet another typo that had made it past the proofreaders. Plus, the book was asking for a new cover.

The first step was to address the text. I reached out to Bradley S. Cobb, a brother in Christ, who is also a professional editor. He and I worked together to make hundreds of tiny changes to make the text better flow and to update the grammar. The story is the same. The text just reads smoother now.

Then, with no real goal in mind, I started drafting some new cover ideas. I came up with a few and asked others what they thought of them. Based on some great feedback, I finally settled on a new cover. What do you think?
We still have about 4,000 copies left of the Second Edition in print. Once we distribute those, we will order printed copies of the Third Edition, which will reflect the new cover and revised text. However, the Third Edition is already available through: I must admit that hiring a professional editor before releasing the First Edition of Conformed, Reborn, Transformed would have been the best thing to do. But you live; you learn, right? This is all about the soul-saving gospel, anyway. And even with the typo-infested First Edition, God received the glory. For example, in December 2013, I received a Facebook message from a friend from high school that said, "Someone gave me a copy of your book, and I just finished reading it. I’m writing to let you know I am on my way to be baptized right now."

Ok, I know I said I would try to keep these emails short and sweet. Though this one was not so short, I hope you enjoyed the story of this book's publishing history nonetheless.
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