Better With Movement 
Pilates and Soft Tissue Therapies that bring movement back to life

By necessity we take daily movement and getting about for granted, but we can improve the quality of our lives by taking time out to observe, feel and move.

Movement Assessment
Our most mundane movements and postural positions are actually quite complex and require the harmonious integration of movement forces, joint stability and firing patterns.
A Functional movement assessment looks at how the body moves and how we can increase variety and tolerance in order to improve our daily life activities. The assessment can preface a  Pilates lesson or a Soft Tissue treatment and enables the session to be tailored specific to your needs.

Soft Tissue Therapy
Available at Camden Triyoga and Stoke Newington.

Soft tissue injury often has its basis in movement impairment, with associated pain from not having moved enough or having moved too much.
Soft Tissue Therapy is the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons and ligaments. These treatments aim to address the region of dysfunction by considering the body as a whole.
The neurons in our body and brain comprise only 2% of our whole body, but they use 25% of all the available oxygen and glucose. Facilitating blood flow and oxygen to our nerves through soft tissue therapy and movement can assist:
  • Over or unstimulated nerve ending
  • Over or under active muscle tone
  • Improve circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Promote a positive mental approach to sporting preparation and the physical aspects of our lives.

Offering mat based Pilates at Triyoga and and one-to-one sessions in Camden and Stoke Newington.
Pilates exercises teach the whole body, giving us implicit knowledge of how we organise movement. They prioritise the spine and sense of the joints of the body.Home exercises and movement classes work with your treatment by maintaining and promoting mobility in and around the nervous system.

Pilates mat classes at are available at Camden Mondays and Shoreditch on Thursdays.

Philip Bishop 
Pilates Instructor & Soft Tissue Therapist
PS. Bolster your natural movement with these daily exercises
Exercise 1: Median nerve stretch
Great stretch if typing with the head forward which can cause tension in the neck and arms. Sitting or standing upright move the affected arm out to the side at shoulder height, extend your wrist with fingers pointing downward and the palm away from you. Move your head over to the opposite side. Hold the position (without pulling) for 10 seconds- release then repeat x5

Exercise 2: The Pelvic Tilt
In the seated position, tilt your pelvis backward to flex the lower spine. Tilt your pelvis forward to extend the lower spine. Move slowly and try to maintain height rather than slumping. Repeat x5-10
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