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Hey there.

I hope you've had a great week.

I am thrilled to be writing you today.

The last many weeks I've been very ill, which has meant I couldn't do much of anything. Fortunately, it is becoming more manageable, but we do not know what it is yet. I am sincerely hoping to figure that out soon.

This edition is the culmination of what I've created in this period.

PodNotes Video

I released a video of my latest plugin: PodNotes. This is a guided tour of how it works, and how you can set it up for yourself.

Watch it here: PodNotes: The Best Way To Write Notes on Podcasts in Obsidian - YouTube

Public notes

I now have a public digital garden / second brain.

I've wanted a way to share my notes without the commitment of writing larger pieces, and now I do:
Home | Christian's Notes

Currently, you'll find my notes on Mental Models and some others.
You may find this one very beneficial: A list of reflective questions to ask yourself | Christian's Notes.

If you are curious about how you might get such a site yourself, please don't hesitate to reach out. If there is enough demand, I'd be happy to share a template for the code & how to host it for free.

Knowledge Inbox

How I Import Literature Notes into Obsidian has been updated to demonstrate how I display my imported literature notes in an inbox, like shown in the image.

Now you can see all the notes you've imported with thumbnail images that are (mostly) automatically fetched for you.

Readwise Reader

I am now a very happy user of the in-beta Readwise Reader.
So far, it is the best read-it-later (and more) app I have tried.

Especially because, in the latest iOS update, Apple has broken the iBooks → Readwise workflow.
Having to, one by one, export highlights from books to a note in Apple Notes is seemingly the only way to export notes at this point.
Not a great use of time.

From the past few days of use, I'm stoked for the future of this app.

A better Zotero → Obsitian workflow

I have previously written about how I read research papers with Obsidian and Zotero.

This workflow has been semi-broken for a bit now, so the article is due for an update.
I have been looking for a better solution, and very recently stumbled upon it:

AidenLx's new Obsidian plugin, Obsidian-Zotero:
aidenlx/obsidian-zotero: integrates with Zotero, create literature notes and insert citations from a Zotero library.

I wanted to let you know ASAP.
I'll be rewriting the article once I've finalized my workflow with the plugin.
So far I've had only good experiences, which is very promising.

Important note: this plugin is not out yet. That means it also haven't gone through Obsidian's code review process. I've gone through some of the source code, but not all of it.


Nothing will bring you peace except yourself.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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