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Thanks to the support of 94 Santa Cruz Local donors and members, we’ve raised $16,700 since July 19. We smashed our $10,000 goal, thanks to your gift!

Now we can begin our reporting on solutions to homelessness in Santa Cruz County. In the next three months, we plan to investigate how money is spent to address homelessness in our county. We want to look at programs that have shown promise at addressing homelessness in similar communities across California. We want to understand how those approaches work and share insights.

We’re producing this series because we heard from hundreds of you that solving homelessness is your top priority. We heard you want a new approach from our elected leaders. Some of you also told us that you’re “burned out” with news and discussion of homelessness, and you’d rather tune out.

I get it. So much of the news is about problems. Growing tent camps. Conflict among leaders. Lack of money, resources and political will. How does that impact our beliefs and how we talk about homelessness? The challenges seem insurmountable.

Our series will be different.

  • We’ll produce rigorous, critical stories on tangible progress on homelessness, so we can understand what works.

  • We’ll hear from people experiencing homelessness. The people most affected by plans and policies aren’t heard from enough by local media and local leaders.

We want to change the negative talk and helpless feelings around homelessness. We want you to feel included and actively participate in how our local government addresses this big issue. We want to find hope for solving homelessness.

Thank you so much for your support, Santa Cruz Local reader.

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Kara Meyberg Guzman
Santa Cruz Local CEO/Co-founder


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