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Pull out your blankets and snuggle up in front of your TVs, because we have just the thing for you to binge watch this holiday season. Our team put together a list of ten of our favorite inspiring climate-themed films — check it out here.

We also had a great chat this week with the lovely sisters and co-founders of GROUNDTRUTH, Sophia, Nina and Georgia Scott. GROUNDTRUTH is a London-based brand making awesome backpacks out of recycled plastic bottles. Read more here.

Continuing from last week, we want to highlight two NGOs that are doing fantastic work for the climate crisis that you can donate to. This week, we have Global Witness and CIEL. Take a look at their websites, and consider helping them out!

We also wanted to let you know that we’ll be taking two weeks off for the holidays. Don’t worry though — we’ll keep posting on our Instagram, so follow us @climateandstyle to stay updated! 

So get cozy, turn on your TVs, and have fun. We’ll see you next year!

Jyotika Bindra
Editor, Climate & Capital Media

In the spotlight


Charlotte Dunn Design

Location: London, U.K.

Cozy up this holiday season in Charlotte Dunn Design’s eco-friendly (and super-cute!) pajama sets — sustainability and luxury go hand in hand at this London-based boutique. They use GOTS certified organic cotton, bamboo fiber and linen for their matching PJ sets, and we’re in love with the fabrics and prints. They’re perfect for a relaxed Sunday brunch or a lazy day spent in bed watching TV. The brand is also mindful of their carbon footprint: They produce all their PJs in London itself, to reduce transportation-related emissions. Photo: Charlotte Dunn Design



Location: London, U.K.

London-based GROUNDTRUTH’s backpacks are sleek and sturdy — and they’re made out of 100% recycled plastic. Having spent years traveling around the world, living and working in various countries with vastly different terrains, and some extreme environments, co-founders and sisters Sophia, Nina and Georgia Scott definitely know what it takes to make the perfect backpack. Durable enough for an adventurous hike, but stylish enough to wear in a bustling city, you can’t go wrong with these. Fun fact: Each RIKR backpack removes 120 plastic bottles from the environment — to date, they have recovered and used 480,000 plastic bottles from landfill sites, waterways and oceans worldwide. Yep, we were shocked too! Oh, and to top it off, they’re carbon neutral. Photo: GROUNDTRUTH

Read our conversation with the GROUNDTRUTH co-founders here.




Location: New Delhi, India

Greenr is one of our favorite, tried-and-tested, veggie (and soon to be 100% vegan) restaurants in Delhi. They have some delicious plant proteins, prepared in-house, on their menu: earthy and rich “Shroomballs”, high-protein hemp root, and nutty tofu amarnath. Besides the obvious eco-benefits of being meat-free, they have a number of awesome sustainability initiatives. All their ingredients are locally sourced, which reduces the carbon footprint of long distance deliveries and also supports small local farmers. They use the “waste” pulp from their in-house almond and coconut milks to make their scrumptious (and super healthy!) choco-energy balls. Their food waste is all composted, and the packaging for their takeout is all 100% compostable, made from sugarcane pulp that can be used as a great plant fertilizer in your gardens. Green for your body and for the Earth? We’re sold! Photo: Greenr



Climate&Capital's holiday films list

With the holidays comes a chance to finally unwind (at least, we hope!), get comfy in our PJs, and catch up on some much awaited TV-watching. Get ready to binge watch, because we have the perfect climate-themed viewing list for you. From inspiring personal stories and visions of a safe climate world, to climate thrillers and adventures across thousands of miles on electric motorbikes, this list will keep you busy, entertained and inspired for the duration of the holidays. Some of our favorites include “I am Greta” (no surprise there!), “Long Way Up,” and “2040.” Happy viewing!



Broken Nature: The Museum of Modern Art

Location: New York, NY
When: November 21, 2020 – August 15, 2021

If you’re in NYC, you should definitely visit MOMA’s “Broken Nature” exhibit. Or, in this age of COVID quarantines, you can even check it out on your computers from the comfort of your homes. Now, whether you’re in NYC, London, or New Delhi, you can experience the magic of this stunning exhibit without having to leave your cozy beds. “Broken Nature” features a collection of around 45 works, highlighting the concept of “restorative design” — the exhibition explores the restorative potential of design in repairing humans’ relationship with the environment. The projects and designers include Mustafa Ali Faruki, Aki Inomata and Alex Goad. What we love about it is that it appreciates the idea of the environment from various interconnected perspectives: It looks at economic, social, and political systems in addition to the natural ecosystems. Photo: The Museum of Modern Art; Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakami of Studio Swine. Film still from Can City. 2018. Film by: Juriaan Booij.


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