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🗞 News around the Web
Want to view a single image on @imgur (literally its only job)? Good luck! You gotta successfully download (354KB) and run (1.21MB) of client-side React in order to get your image requested as resource 110 of 553. What should have been an IMG element became this.
Firefox 70 was released on Tuesday with great new features such as secure password generation, privacy protection reporting, DOM mutation breakpoints , inactive CSS rule indicators, and more!
Wanna watch Disney+ on your Linux desktop or media server? Think again! Disney+ doesn't support Linux, Chromebooks, or many android devices.
💡 Tools, Tips, Resources
Pure vs impure functions? Side effects? Stateful vs. Stateless? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?! This article breaks down the jargon into bite-sized, and understandable ideas. Thanks Ananya!
Great research done into the topic of handing passwords safely in modern systems. A must-read for anyone building back-end systems with passwords!
Taking notes is vital to web development, and if you've ever tried to use Word, Google Docs, or Pages to take quick notes, you've probably experienced the pain of load times, saving documents to the correct directory, etc. Avoid all that with these note taking apps!
People are often wrong: we make bad bets, buy property before housing bubbles burst, and go on fad diets. Avoid wasting precious reading time on sub-optimal books. This blog post lists the "most complete meta-list of software development book recommendations anywhere on the internet"! Check it out. I've added a few to my reading list!
@giteden reviews tools for building and managing libraries of Web Components. Reviewed are Bit, Lit-HTML & -element, StencilJS, Svelte JS, Angular elements, Hybrids, and Sigil. The Lit suite seems pretty cool. I'll be checking that out!
Besides the "basic" commands of Git, everyone has their own little Git tricks they use. Antonin Januska wanted to quickly write a list of their own which they commonly alias in.gitconfig. Check out this article for some productivity tips!
A huge collection of front-end development tools from DEV @franndotexe
🧠 Articles, Books & Podcasts
Graham King spent the last two days at PDX DevOpsDays. Across organised talks, Ignites, Open Spaces, and as many hallway conversations as I could fit in, here is what he learned about what DevOps is and does.
How can an executive with 8,000 indirect reports, working only 2000 hours per year, make any important decision within a company that large? Here's one answer...
The for email templates!
If you're anything like me, the first time you encountered CORS (or Cross-origin resource sharing), all you wanted was for your server to accept those darn ajax requests and be done with it. So you went to stack overflow, copy pasted a code snippet to set some headers, and it worked. There are however a few things you might want to know.
🤣 Fun, Funny and Funky
Facebooks new face recognition feature allows you to opt out of automatic tagging.
This paper published earlier this year shows that it is virtually impossible for an individual to day trade stocks for a living, contrary to internet shills might be espousing.
This kid is freaking awesome!!
One developer's journey through learning CSS animations, explained using amazing CSS Codepen examples!
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