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🗞 News around the Web
Learn all you need to know about WordPress fonts, font styles, where to find custom WordPress fonts, and more to make your WordPress site look unique.
Amber-screen library computer in 1998: Type in two words and hit F3. Search results appear instantly. Now: Type in two words, AJAX popup. spinner for five seconds. Oops you pressed a key, your results are erased.
💡 Tools, Tips, Resources
How to use SVG as a Placeholder, and Other Image Loading Techniques
Jos is passionate about image performance optimization and making images load fast on the web. In this article he explores placeholders: what to show when the image hasnt yet loaded.
The latest version of PHP is releasing soon. Learn how you can prepare your sites, in order to improve performance and enhance the user experience! I am looking forward to the fat-arrow => functions, preloading performance, and de-structuring ... arrays. Woohoo!
A list of programming languages that will challenge you to grow. Haskell is on my list, but I think I'll be learning Typescript next. Who would have thought JavaScript would take over the world?
We all use our skills in different ways. The path to becoming a senior engineer is never the same. This is an example of how mine involved writing less code than most.
A lovely CSS button gallery. I'm going to be borrowing some of these for my projects!
For the privacy-conscious, here's a thorough guide to self-hosting your email on FreeBSD using ❤️ postfix, dovecot, rspamd, and LDAP.
Before the home page, there was the front page. From the Gutenberg Principle to grid systems to above the fold, newspapers teach us much about the foundations of web design.
🧠 Blogs, Books & Podcasts
If you search something like "programming books" or "books developers should read" you will get a lot of articles listing the same 5 or 6 books. In this article, Erik W. brings to your attention some stellar books on coding that don't get the love they deserve. 📚 
I've never been one to learn from books, but I learn a TON from Youtube and podcasts. Check out this curated list of 27 YouTube channels you could start learning from today.
The latest AMP messages in Google Search Console are intended to enforce full equivalency in AMP versions. The underlying message is clear. And so is my response.
🚰 Around the Water Cooler
Fibery - yet another collaborative tool
This hilarious landing page for a SaaS named Fibery slags the company, and the entire collaboration tool market. And they're not wrong, either! Anyway, I'm not sure what inspired their so-called "anxiety" theme, but it gave me a good laugh. 
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Accessing free WiFi in airports or public spaces often requires you to browse to a website to be prompted to "register" for access over HTTP. With the push for HTTPS everywhere, this functionality has broken on many public WiFi networks. NeverSSL has a plan to fix all that! That plan? Never implement SSL. 🤣 So niche, but super helpful! 
We all know about remote jobs and how productive you can still be outside of an office setting. But what about working remotely? And I mean really remotely.
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