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SetApp has 150+ MacOS Apps for a ridiculously low price!
Hey! Thanks for reading. Late last year I started using SetApp and quickly realized the value of this platform: for one low monthly cost, I get access to over 150 quality 3rd-party MacOS apps. And I use a lot of them! In fact, at least 10 of them are key to my daily workflow and would have cost over $1000 for licenses without SetApp. 

Interested in which apps I'm using? Check out Timing, OneSwitch, ForkLift, CleanMyMac, BusyCal, Capto, Gemini... to name a few :)

Back to the point. I think SetApp is awesome. So awesome that I reached out to the company to see if they needed help slinging subscriptions. Very quickly they came back with an offer much better than expected! I'll break it down: a regular SetApp monthly is $9.99/mo (or $119.88/year). The yearly rate is $104, which is 13% less than monthly.

TL;DR: SetApp has allowed me to resell the 1 Year Gift Certificate for $89 USD to my newsletter subscribers. That's 15% off the SetApp yearly, and 25% off the monthly price! It's a steal of a deal.

If you have any questions about SetApp, or if you're interested in a gift certificate, reply to this email and we can chat. I love chatting about tools :)
Check out SetApp
Customizing my editor is one of my favorite things to do. I could spend hours researching new plugins and extensions, trying to squeeze every last drop of productivity from my tools. Here's a list of 26 great tools for you VC Code folks.
Two command line utilities that will definitely be making their way into my toolbox. Fzf looks so cool. I want to make tones of shell scripts with it.
A slick, yet simple terminal UI for both docker and docker-compose, written in Go with the gocui library. "The lazier way to manage everything docker."
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Content Dev Network

You may have already heard about it. If not, update your Zoom client now -- even though Apple already has you covered. Long story short, Zoom circumvented a ton of security best practices to improve the user experience for starting a meeting. The result is the ability to turn on your camera any time you visit a malicious link. Good one, Zoom!
Another instance of low-level open source packages being compromised. Le sigh.
One of the bestselling Laravel books! Learning Laravel 5 shows you a fastest way to learn developing web applications using Laravel 5 PHP framework
The author gets himself a cheap Raspberry Pi 3b+, plugs in a LTE USB modem, and creats a minimal Linux-based 4G router/access-point. I love this. It would be especially good for connecting up a cabin in the woods with far-away cellphone towers.
In this cool post, the author uses python to generate 3D line art and save it as SVG. Very awesome! Is there anything python can't do?
Instagram influencers have seen their engagement rates hover near all-time lows as the Facebook-owned app becomes over-crowded with sponsored posts, per a study that analytics firm InfluencerDB.
Were constantly being bombarded by gamma rays from outer space. Sometimes this causes bit flips, where a bit inside a computer switches from 0 to 1 and causes an election to go wrong, or a plane to crash.
I needed this laugh today! Haha!
".. in Apartment 23"
Wrapping Up
That's it! Thanks for staying tuned. If you have any questions about SetApp, please get in touch with me! If you know anyone who might be interested in this newsletter, sent them this link: Subscribe to Agency Developers Newsletter.

Thanks again! See you next week.
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