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🗞 News around the Web
If you haven't already been using github Actions, then get ready! Github recent send an email to all Actions Beta users to advising them to prepare for General availability on November 13. This is very exciting for those of us who maintain deployments! 
In a new, but completely unsurprising revelation, it was found that Facebook crawls links inside PDFs sent through Messenger. Is there any data they won't ingest?
💡 Tools, Tips, Resources
Think you know SEO? Refresh yourself on this list of 10 key tips. I had a few "aha!" and "oh yeah" moments myself!
Unoptimized (non-minified) images are one of the main causes of poor website performance, mainly on the initial (first) load. This article aims to cover most of the tools and approaches for optimizing images for the web.
A plain language word list for UX writing and help content to make your writing sound more human. Look for these robotic words in your writing and replace them with these plain language alternatives.
When your code turns to but you've already committed, how do you go back?
A really neat CSS trick using the :not() and :placeholder-shown pseudo classes.
This article explains the benefits of using AWS for complex software products and the impact of using provisioned cloud infrastructure on clients.
🧠 Blogs, Books & Podcasts
Take-aways from a $4.4m lesson in web form accessibility: 
1. Use HTML5 input features
2. Support autofill using the autocomplete attribute.
3. Make autofill part of your test plans
The first series about the book clean code. In here we talk about Formatting, Objects and Data Structure, and Error Handling
Fresh from the Stack Overflow Blog, Ellen Spertus shares "If people learn from their mistakes, I must have a Master's degree by now."
A HUGE list of free plans & free tiers offered by dozens of providers, sorted into categories like Docker, EmailIDE and Code Editing, Log ManagementSearch, Web Hosting, and many more!
I had a lot of fun reading and playing with this step-by-step guide on creating pixel art using the `box-shadow` property in CSS. #css #pixelart #webdev DEV Community
Im not the first one to state that the lines between CSS and JavaScript are becoming blurry as both languages evolve.
Best high quality HD illustration images for website backgrounds. Free illustration background photos for beautiful landing pages and websites. Use free images and illustrations for commercial use and make your website more attractive.
Beth Dunn was talking the other day with some friends on the HubSpot Product UX team about how much they try to find new ways to listen to users and then act on what was heard. How do you really listen to you Users? Read on for helpful techniques...
🚰 Around the Water Cooler
Before there was a Stack Overflow, there was a Stack Overflow podcast. As Stack Overflow grew and changed over the last decade, the Podcast was a constant. That is, until May of last year, when it went on hiatus. BUT NOW IT'S BACK!
Here are 4 high-quality developer Youtube channels recommended by full-stack developer Fred Adams.
🤣 Fun, Funny and Funky
One of Amazons smallest and most popular products has a surprisingly large footprint. Staff Writer at OneZero, Sarah Emerson, goes digging into the back-story of Amazon's best selling product, the AA battery.
WARNING: a ridiculously simple game youll become obsessed with. Challenge your office mates!

My best circle is 89.0% perfect, can you beat that?
Wrapping Up
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