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A lot is happening in the world of Power BI as revealed at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit. Check out my top announcements and also a free resource for you below.

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Free resource

After training over 400 people in Power BI, I have started to develop resources to help answer some of the most common questions for beginners. The top question being when can I use which chart. Download this free resource from my website which will help you select the right chart every time. The PDF also includes links for each chart to Microsoft documentation for more information. PDF link.

Power BI Training in June

This one day intensive session will give you the skills to develop your own Power BI reports from scratch. Group size is restricted to 8 to ensure quality and all attendees get 1 years access to the full course recorded online.

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Download course overview

Power BI Updates

My top announcements from the Microsoft Business Applications Summit are:

  • Paginated Reports visual - Finally when someone asks to replicate that crystal or SRSS report in Power BI, I can say yes. 🧨

  • Sparklines - I have been waiting for this for a while! ✨

  • Goal Tracking - Track organisation goals but premium only 😥 (image below)

  • View drillthrough button in tooltip - helps as no one knows drillthrough is there 🙈

  • Automated AI Insights - automatically identify anomalies and explain them with root cause analysis 🔬

  • Deploy Power BI Apps as Teams apps - to improve data culture and access ✅

  • Hybrid Tables - combine Import, Incremental refresh and DirectQuery in the one table! ♻

Read the Microsoft article here.

Power BI Meme

I do this every time. Although I spend a lot of time checking if it correct as well!

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