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Liveability in Local Government

Check out my latest LinkedIn article where I use Power BI to interrogate a news article ranking liveability by suburb in Victoria. See how Power BI helps you dig deeper into the data. Link

Heatmap of liveability ranked suburbs according to The Age

Check out the

Latest Power BI Freebies Blog

This Power BI Freebie is an interesting look at the top 50 websites. It is using “Bubble chart by Akvelon” which allows you to place an image in a bubble chart. I am also using the same image URL in the table. I had a bit of fun creating this one so I hope you enjoy it! Link

Learn how to use “Bubble chart by Akvelon” in the Power BI Freebies blog

DataTale in South Australia

LGITSA Local Government Conference

It was great to see what's happening in South Australian at the LGITSA 'To Infinity and Beyond' Conference. While I was very busy doing a one-day training program, presenting and running a workshop, I also got to attend their awards ceremony and saw how Power BI is being used! No matter how far you travel, in local government, they are all trying to solve the same problems and the transparency Power BI brings is bringing huge benefits.
Warren presenting at the LGITSA Conference
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