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Have you attended my Power BI training course? I have some spaces available next week, please reach out for more info.

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Power BI Training for Government is on next week

Reach out if you work in government and would like to learn how Power BI can change the way you work! This one day intensive session will give you the skills to develop your own Power BI reports from scratch. Group size is restricted to 8 to ensure quality and all attendees get 1 years access to the full course recorded online.

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Power BI moves towards no code / low code

Power BI is introducing a new capability that enables developers to save time and build more complex solutions using natural language to build DAX calculations instead of writing code.

To enable these capabilities, Power BI is leveraging OpenAI’s GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3). GPT-3 is an advanced natural language AI model, trained with 175 billion parameters, that implements deep learning to be able to both understand and produce human-like text based on a prompt in natural language. Microsoft has a strategic collaboration with OpenAI to accelerate breakthroughs in AI – from jointly developing the first supercomputer on Azure to testing and commercializing new AI technologies.

Its an exciting space to watch and enables business users to truly leverage Power BI.

Free resource

Don’t forget to download for free Power BI resource to select the right chart every time. The PDF also includes links for each chart to Microsoft documentation for more information. PDF link.

Power BI Meme

Did you know most business users of Power BI don’t know the difference between a report and a dashboard?

Register for 8 June, Power BI for Local Government course

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