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If you are new to Power BI and not familiar with coding. DAX or M can be difficult to pick up. In this video, I give my top 5 tips on how to avoid coding within Power BI using the user interface. Link.


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Podcast with Smart Community

Warren tells us about his background in data analytics for both State and Local Governments, and how that led to his founding of DataTale. We discuss the importance of data storytelling and Warren shares some great examples of how Councils can use data more effectively as an asset to make decisions that better serve their communities. Warren and I discuss the importance of strong data governance and creating data cultures and data communities, as well as some of the things Warren considers when pulling data sets together. Link.

Podcast on The "Smart Community" Podcast


Power BI Training for Gov

Thanks, Shane Beary for some great feedback after attending Power BI Training for Government.

The ‘Power BI training for Government’ course delivered by Warren at DataTale provided a wonderful insight into what can be achieved by applying a layer of intelligence to standard datasets maintained by Council. The training was well delivered and easy to follow, but most of all it has added further capabilities that allow a wide array of users to better understand our data in a practical and easy-to-use environment.

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