It started with a question. How can Raleigh area newcomers learn more about the places we live and become active residents, civically and culturally?

There are about 62 new neighbors moving into Wake County every day. The New Neighbor Project will provide them information they need to know, in a smart way. 

That means actionable info from updating voter registration and free family events to historical context of their new hometown. 

The New Neighbor project will work with existing community members to create connections between neighbors, through content, online and in-person social groups. 

The scope of this project, which will be delivered over email newsletter, in Facebook group and in events is significant. It was an idea I didn’t think was possible until further down the road.

But then, Raleigh Convergence received a competitive national grant for community journalism.

The New Neighbor project from Raleigh Convergence is the recipient of a Community Network grant from the Facebook Journalism Project and The Lenfest Institute for Journalism. 

This grant includes a budget to pay four community ambassadors for their community reporting work as well as a Facebook group moderation stipend.  

So, beginning today, Raleigh Convergence is seeking community ambassadors for four communities: Knightdale, Cary, Southeast Raleigh and Raleigh at large. 

Here are the details on being a community ambassador/contributor:

  • Community ambassadors should be knowledgeable members of the specific communities we’ll serve as part of this project.
  • Community ambassadors don’t need a journalism background but will be trained on journalism as a process. 
  • Community ambassadors should share Raleigh Convergence’s values.
Please share your interest no later than 5 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 11. 
[fill out form here

There’s much more to come on this project. Look for more details in the coming weeks.

With gratitude,

Sarah Day

Sarah Day Owen Wiskirchen
Editor & Publisher of Raleigh Convergence
Founder, Minerva Media Co.
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