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"In building any business, you’re signing up for the good, the bad and the unexpected. It comes with the territory of entrepreneurship. Each day is its own rollercoaster!"

Rana Taghdisi Argenio (W10) is the Founder of 10 Grove, a brand of luxury Italian bedding that is sustainably crafted in the US.

Rana's family has been in the textile industry in both the US and Iran for five generations. She never thought she'd join the industry and neither did her parents. When Rana graduated from Wharton, she went to work at Goldman Sachs in the Investment Banking division in NYC and London where she focused on consumer retail companies. 

Growing up in a family business she had the opportunity to experience firsthand how hard her parents worked, but also saw how they were directly rewarded by that work. While she enjoyed her time at Goldman Sachs, she had the desire to work on something more tangible and left to start something of her own. 

Rana first joined her family's business - a wholesaler and bespoke manufacturer of luxury textiles that partners with over 500 retailers, interior designers, department stores and hospitality clientele across North America. She spent four years educating herself on every aspect of the industry, gathering the experience and foundation to build a product-first company that could set a new standard for sustainable luxury.

Rana had been watching the growth of DTC brands and realized that that term direct-to-consumer had become massively diluted if not completely misused. Often the supply chain is quite indirect, where nothing is done in house. These e-tailers often use the same low-market quality, third party middlemen and high cost-markups as traditional brands; they just wrap the products up in shiny marketing. 

Rana's goal with 10 Grove was to create a genuine direct-to-consumer bedding company, dedicated to bringing customers the highest quality bedding at the most honest price. Follow 10 Grove's story of the product journey - it's vertically integrated, with an in-house supply chain that is truly transparent. Also, check out the company's commitment to sustainability. 

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Read more about Rana and 10 Grove here.

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Sometimes we're moving so fast that we forget to slow down and give thanks. So here's our own big thanks to our Founder, Funder and Friends community, now over 5.5k strong, who have consistently helped support one another by sharing insights, intelligence and connections, all to help each other grow and succeed. 

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  • Our 87+ stores that are listed on our WAFFA Female Founders Shop
  • "In a Sea Change, Women of the Philharmonic Now Outnumber the Men - from NYT 11/22
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During Lucinda's 20+ years as an entrepreneur and CEO, she founded and/or led venture capital-backed technology companies including Monetate, Real Food Works,, ClickEquations, TurnTide, and Destiny Software. Lucinda has won many awards, most notably the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and was named one of Consulting Magazine's 25 Most Influential Consultants.

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