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Seeking Natural Seasonal Allergy Relief?
Here Are Some Tips

If you are one of the millions of people plagued by seasonal allergies, you know how hard it can be to find relief. It’s even more difficult when searching for a natural remedy instead of an over-the-counter (OTC) allergy medication. Unfortunately, the side effects of OTC medication can outweigh the benefits.

This blog takes a closer look at why OTC medications are not always the best option and highlights some of TRU47’s best-selling (and effective!) natural allergy remedies

Does Your Dog Have Skin Irritations? We Have the Natural Solution
Most pet parents recognize the signs of their pooch’s dermatological issues—persistent scratching, irritated red patches on the skin, and frequent licking of the affected area. Recognizing the signs is important, but finding a treatment to give your dog some relief is the next step.

Most pet owners will visit a local pet store in search of an effective over-the-counter shampoo or topical ointment to relieve irritated skin. Rather than rely on an expensive product which may or may not provide the relief your pooch needs, there are natural, cost- effective remedies.

In this blog post, learn more about TRU47’s Doggie Spritz, which contains colloidal silver (well-known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties) as well as soothing pure essential oils to provide healing relief.

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New Research Shows Face Masks
Limit COVID-19 Transmission

Over the past 16 months, wearing a mask became our reality and for many, an accessory in our daily lives, regardless of whether we were dressing up or down.

States and municipalities put mask mandates in place for everyone’s safety; however, this controversial practice remains a highly debated topic. This SciTechDaily article discusses a study that measured the effectiveness of mask-wearing relevant to COVID-19. The research shows wearing a mask reduces the risk of transmission significantly.

The type of mask (simple paper vs. cloth), proper placement (covering the nose and mouth completely), and the type of environment in which it is worn (“virus-rich indoor environments” vs. more open outdoor spaces), all contribute to a mask’s efficacy. Fit and materials became two focal points for TRU47 when the product development team created several styles and sizes of masks (for the entire family), using 99.99% pure ionically plated silver and copper for the most efficacious outcomes.

For more, visit our Silver Masks page.

Our Products
Spray & Refresh with
TRU47 Mask Mists

We have all grown accustomed to stashing face coverings in our cars, purses, backpacks and pockets. Washing and caring for our collection of masks and gaiters has become a part of our “laundry list”. Fortunately, TRU47’s line of Silver Mask Mists takes some of the work out of caring for our face coverings. Just give them a quick spritz to refresh instead of washing by hand or machine.

Each Mask Mist freshens your face covering of choice and its pleasant scent will evaporate, then linger subtly. Some fragrances are multipurpose. For instance, Just Breathe freshens your mask, and can help reduce stress and anxiety. And our Immune Boost formula, with its light, pleasant scent, is specifically created to support your immune system all year round.

Silver is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. The added moisture from our Mask Mists enhances the ionization of the 99.99% pure silver found in our best-selling silver face masks, helping to protect the mask against germs, fungi and viruses.

For more, visit our Mask Mists

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Timely Reads

After a long and frustrating year-plus of masking-up, social distancing, and unprecedented hand sanitizer usage, there finally may be some relief in sight from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are still learning more about this virus all the time. For instance, although most states adopted similar mandates of masking, social distancing, and limited capacity for businesses, one MIT study discussed in this CNBC article showed time spent indoors increases the risk of spreading COVID within 6-60 feet apart.

This article looks at the current status of public meetings and makes some long-term predictions about what’s to come. If you are one of the many folks who opt to continue wearing a mask as a safety precaution, TRU47’s line of masks and face coverings can give you peace of mind and protection.

Times still remain somewhat uncertain with COVID-19, however brighter days appear to be ahead. What we have learned is that it's a best practice to continue to protect ourselves against bacteria and germs.

Keeping our lives germ-free naturally with non-toxic and chemical-free ingredients has been our mission since day one at TRU47. Our focus in this area is stronger than ever. 

Stay safe out there.
Team TRU47
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