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Let’s Talk Turkey About Germs and
Ways to Inhibit Them

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for many, not just because of the feast we all dig into with gusto, but because this annual gathering of friends and family embodies what giving and gratitude is all about.

In a quest to remain hyper-vigilant and avoid spreading germs along with our good tidings, TRU47 shares how the power of silver can evade uninvited guests (germs) - from shopping to serving this holiday.

This year, plan to welcome your loved ones with open arms and communal tables by adding Silver to the menu!

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Silver Through The Seasons

Misty Silver Solutions to Dampen
Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Ahhh autumn. We love the change of weather, colorful leaves and foliage, a new chill in the air, and holiday festivities, but not the fall allergies, hay fever, dust mites and mold that can be triggered by this time of year.

If you suffer from seasonal sneezes due to allergens, TRU47 has some tips to help get you through these shorter days. From antimicrobial soaps, masks, an assortment of inhalers, and mists, to spritzes and Stellarcleenz products, enjoy the changing season with the antimicrobial power of silver at your side.

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A Silver Salute to Our Veterans 
on November 11th

Veteran’s Day marked a special day of gratitude for all the members of our Armed Services who put their lives on the line to ensure our safety.

As a dedication to those who fought for our freedom, TRU47 was honored to donate 10% of all Veteran’s Day sales to Thank you for your contributions in our drive to support on this day. 

Learn how silver has played an important role on behalf of our soldiers for decades, used in surgical dressings to combat battlefield infections, and also helped keep drinking water safe for soldiers as far back as the Civil War.


Keep Silver Spritz On Call This Season 

Share in the feasts of friendship and fun without the bacteria. To keep shopping carts, counters, and surfaces safe and sanitary this season, our Silver Spritz collection is an all-natural alternative to banish party-crashing germs during your long-awaited get-togethers.

Available in original multi-purpose Silver Spritz, Home+, Fresh Feet, Toilette, Doggie Spritz and Spritz for Kids in family and travel sizes. All Silver Spritzes are non-toxic, alcohol and chemical free.


TRU47 Adding Thanks to Our Menu

Our heartfelt appreciation for your support for all things TRU. We wish you and your families a healthy, wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday!

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