My Loved One Seems Different. Is It Dementia?
Maybe. Maybe Not. But Don’t Ignore It.


As I have written before, my late mother was in her early 70s when we first noticed that something was disturbingly “different” about her. Sheila was showing some of the signs below but not others.
Are you seeing any of these early indicators of dementia, subtle or significant?

  • Notes to remind themselves about simple tasks
  • Neighbors or friends express concern
  • Bills are not paid or overpaid, tax papers are untouched, evidence of solicitations or donations (maybe predatory or fraud)
  • House (dusty, piles) or pets (full litter boxes or unbathed dog) not taken care of
  • Neat appearance in past but suddenly they wear wrinkled, dirty or the same clothes
  • Weight changes
  • Confusion and/or paranoia
  • New vehicle has fender benders or scrapes, or parked poorly or in the wrong spot
  • Speech or personality changes, any new or unusual behavior
  • Social isolation, lack of interest in or withdrawal from friends, family or activities
  • Objects or utensils picked up or used inappropriately
  • Inappropriate comments– –“no filters“
  • If a cook, long-time, favorite dishes don’t taste right, ingredients left out

It may be mild cognitive impairment (MCI). This is a precursor to dementia but does not always result in dementia.
You may also want to check if they are showing one or more of these 
Ten Warning Signs provided by the Alzheimer’s Association.
Their symptoms could also be from too many or the wrong medications. It could be a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), TIA/ministroke, hearing loss or uncharged aids, or other medical problem. It could be poor nutrition or dehydration. They may be a stressed out caregiver themselves (like my mom for my stepfather). These all could be cause for concern. This is your cue to be proactive and prepared. If you think it’s getting close to “that time”, it probably is.
You may have heard that if you’ve seen one case of Alzheimer’s, dementia, or aging, you’ve only seen one case. Everyone and their circumstances are different although there are common characteristics and symptoms. 🤔 So, please see or bring your family member to a neurologist or geriatric physician to be sure.
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