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Happy New Year!.

Apparently dates and events don't always align quite as we might wish, so when our calendars suddenly switched to 2021, some of the mayhem that was supposed to remain with 2020 appears to have slipped through. That said, I'm a glass-half-full sort of fellow, and I'm determined not to let the craziness of this world get me down. So when my wife finally agreed to take down the Christmas decorations, I beamed with joy. See, I like fire. And in my house, we have a tradition that once the tree has given it's life in the spirit of Christmas, we carry it into the woods and send it to the afterlife in glory!

With my unhealthy obsession with fire, It's a wonder I didn't choose to write about dragons.

And here's another reason to celebrate the coming of 2021: USA Today bestselling author, Jason J. Nugent is offering The Blood Stone, the first book in his complete trilogy, 100% FREE January 12-16. Find this and many other reasons for exultation below.

The Other Magic Updates:

  • Many of you have already read The Other Magic—thank you! For those of you who haven't, now might be a great time if you live in the U.S. and you have Amazon Prime. That's because The Other Magic is currently available to read absolutely FREE as a part of Amazon's Prime Reading Catalog. It is my understanding that it will be available in here until sometime in late March.

The Other Way (Passage to Dawn Book II) Updates:

  • The revision process for ToW continues on target. I'm still fine-tuning many of the connections between book I, II, and the rest of the series, aligning individual character timelines, as well as continuing to drop little Easter eggs for those of you who pay extra attention to the little details. I'm hoping to finalize all of this by the end of the month, then go back to trim the fat and smooth out the prose.

Featured Audiobook:


The Roach is an award-winning standalone novel by USA Today and Audible bestselling author, Rhett C. Bruno. Quite frankly, my reading and listening habits lean heavily toward exclusive epic fantasy, but I do occasionally venture into the realm of science fiction if something grabs my attention. The Roach is something else altogether, and I love it! It's essentially a dark superhero crime thriller. Plus, R.C. Bray is an incredible voice actor with a trophy case full of awards to prove it (I don't know if he actually has a trophy case, but if he does it's certainly full).

Here's the blurb:

A string of killings. An identity stolen. Only he can find the truth.

Reese Roberts was the guardian of Iron City. Its fearless protector. The only one willing to do whatever it takes...until he was shot on the streets and left paralyzed from the waist down. Now, the vigilante known as the Roach has disappeared. Faded into legend. 

It’s been years since Reese could take on crime and clean up the streets. He’s a shriveled old drunk, living like a hermit and waiting for his life to end. All that’s left to do is wallow in the mistakes that led him here. To wonder if he went too far. 

But when a copycat steals his suit and takes justice into his own hands, a new killer emerges, leaving brutal messages behind. He wants to eliminate the Roach for good this time. 

It’s time for Reese to re-emerge from his shell and fight back. Who else can stop the flurry of killings? Definitely not the corrupt police department. Iron City needs the Roach again. Only, this time, he’ll need to save it without his legs.

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If you missed the trailer, you can watch it now  Let me know what you think in the comments.
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Derrick Smythe
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