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Welcome back! February has been an exciting month indeed!

Big News:

  • I accepted an offer from one of the most respected audio publishers in the business, Podium Publishing, granting exclusive audio rights to not only "The Other Magic" but the entire Passage to Dawn series. As of right now, I have four books planned so fans like you will have the opportunity to hear quite a bit of audio in the coming years!
  • Speaking of audio, 2019 Audie Award winner Greg Patmore has been cast as the voice of the Passage to Dawn series. I can't wait to hear what he does with "The Other Magic" in the coming months.
    • The audio adaptation could be available as early as this June on Audible, but I'll keep you posted as Greg gets into the work.
    • The above image is the first look at the audiobook cover for "The Other Magic".
Author Updates:
  • February marks the third consecutive month of increased Kindle sales, and it's not over yet!
  • I recently started the early stages of planning for a short story that I will offer for free to those who request an ARC (advanced reader's copy) of "The Other Way". This will feature a flashback to Grobennar's early years in training within the priesthood alongside his nemesis Rajuban.
As far as the writing of "The Other Way" is concerned, fear not, it's moving along nicely. However, you'll be disappointed if you're hoping to see a 2020 release date. My goal is to have the first draft finished sometime this summer and to be well into the revision stages by year's end. I expect a release to take place in 2021.

Currently Reading/Listening to:
The Burning White by Brent Weeks. This is the last book of a great series if you haven't read it.

Help for Aspiring Authors:
Follow Brandon Sanderson's BYU lectures on Youtube. If you don't know who Brandon Sanderson is, find any book he has written and read it. Seriously. He teaches a creative writing course at BYU and provides planning and writing advice on the architecture of epic fantasy and science fiction.

That's it for now.

If you enjoyed, "The Other Magic", and have not already done so, please pay it forward by posting an Amazon or GoodReads review to help ensure that others like you hear about this book. It is also incredibly rewarding and helpful for me to know what you enjoyed about the story! Who was your favorite character? What are you hoping to see in the second book in the series? Anything from a few sentences to a detailed analysis is welcome. Please follow one or both of the below links to leave feedback.

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If you're not into leaving reviews, but would like to share your thoughts or ask a question, shoot me an email.

Thanks again for reading!


Derrick Smythe
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