There is just one change to the schedule.
STRONG has moved from Thursday at 5:00pm to Wednesday at 5:45pm. This new change in the schedule will begin on February 9th! 


Classes Outside of Forever FIT

Monday: Spinning® @ Washington Township Edge - 7:30am
Monday: Spinning® @ Washington Township Edge - 5:30pm
Monday: Zumba® @ Washington Township Edge - 6:30pm
Wednesday: Boot Camp @ Washington Township Edge - 7:30am
Wednesday: Zumba® @ Washington Township Edge - 4:30pm
Friday: Spinning® @ Washington Township Edge - 5:30am
Sunday: Spinning® @ Northeast Cycle - 8:30am
Sunday: Spinning® @ Northeast Cycle - 9:30am

11 exercise tips to keep you motivated as the weather gets colder

Even the most dedicated exercise enthusiast can have a hard time in winter.

Cold days and long nights make it hard to get out of bed, let alone get the body moving, but there are simple ways to get motivated when the weather outside is frightful.

The season can indeed be very disruptive to people’s exercise routines, said Jack Raglin, an exercise psychologist and professor at Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington.

“You can look at large-scale studies and you see this sort of wave effect where physical activity levels start to decrease as temperature goes down,” Raglin told TODAY.

“Light is also a factor," he added. "If people live in an area where they come home and it’s already dark, that can be a physical barrier to exercise and a de-motivation.”

The goal is to remove as many obstacles as possible and make small changes that can make staying active easier until spring returns. At this time of year, exercise can also help to cope with seasonal depression.


Healthy Chicken Chili

A bowl of this healthy white chicken chili packs a whopping 22 grams of protein in each serving and is appropriate for a diabetes-friendly diet. Consider topping this white chili with Greek yogurt instead of sour cream to reduce calorie and fat content while still getting a creamy texture.


20 Hip-Strengthening Exercises You Can Do at Home

I often have back pain. And I know it's because I need to stretch my hips. 

Turns out, Shakira's not the only one who believes hips don't lie. Those ball-and-socket joints can reveal a lot about a person, and equally important is how well they're taken care of, through hip strengthening and stretching.

When a person has tight hips, it generally means that they've been sitting a lot, like at a desk job, working on a computer all day, says Chelsey Wilkens, NASM-CPT, a trainer at Soho Strength Lab in New York City. “By doing active stretches before or after sitting for extended periods of time, you'll help relax the area, feel less tight, and allow yourself to sit comfortably for longer,” says Wilkens. "This will also help protect from injuries."

Hip strength and mobility can also help improve movement patterns and posture. “If one joint isn’t working as it should—say, the hips are tight and immobile—this can cause stress for the joint above or below it," says Wilkens. When the hip tightens, it can stress the low back or the knee joint, which can then alter posture and gait (aka, how you walk) and also lead to injuries.


Lauren's Favorite Post-Workout Smoothie

This is the smoothie I drink almost every single Saturday after Buns n' Guns and every Sunday when I get home from Northeast Cycle! 

Here's the details: 
8oz. Unsweetened, Unflavored Almond (or Cashew) milk
1 Scoop of Garden of Life Organic Raw Protein and Greens in Chocolate Cacao flavor
1/2 of a banana
2T. PB Fit Organic All-Natural Peanut Butter Powder
1/2 -3/4 cup of ice
(You can also add a cup of spinach or a scoop of Fiber One to add a bit of fiber to this delicious shake!) 

293 calories - 8g Fat - 16g Net Carbs - 32g Protein

Mix Cardio with Weight Training

A common misconception that many people have is that they need to do a lot of cardio and eat less, which they think will result in a skinnier, more toned body. Hate to break it to you, but no. You will lose fat that way, but you won’t change the shape of your body. You’ll simply become a smaller, swishier version of yourself.

Although I’m a huge advocate of participating in an exercise method you truly love, strength training is the only exercise method that can change the composition of your body. So if your goals are to shape and tone your body, strength training needs to become a part of your normal routine.

I’m not saying don’t do traditional cardio or that running, or the elliptical is bad for you. Not at all! If that’s what you enjoy, go for it. I think both strength training and traditional cardio have their place.

Strength training builds lean muscle.

As lean muscle increases, so does your resting metabolism, which means you’ll burn more calories at rest.  Basically, the more toned you are, the easier it is to control your weight.

Boost stamina.

As you get stronger, you won’t fatigue as easily.

You’ll tone without getting “bulky”.

Many women have the misconception that strength training will result in big, bulky “manly” muscles. Building muscle mass is not something that just accidentally happens overnight. The amount of food, dedicated HEAVY lifting, and sleep required to make those kinds of gains just don’t happen by accident.

And you know what? If you wake up one day, look in the mirror and decide that you are more muscular than you’d like to be, you could change up your lifting routine that day. None of the changes you make in the gym and the kitchen are permanent. That’s the beauty of strength training. You can design your routine to accomplish a variety of different goals.

Decreased risk of osteoporosis.

Research has shown that strength training can increase spinal bone mineral density.

Reduces risk of injury, back pain, and arthritis.

Not only does strength training build stronger muscles, but it also builds stronger connective tissue and increases joint stability.

Strength training builds confidence.

Once you discover that you’re a lot stronger and more capable than you realize, your confidence will increase.

Makes you happy.

A Harvard study found that 10 weeks of strength training reduced clinical depression symptoms more successfully than standard counseling.

The theme for Sunday, February 6th
SUNDAY FUNDAY: A Tribute to the Greats! 


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If you are interested in learning more about balanced eating, maintaining health, and controlling some negative eating habits, join Forever FIT today! I am a certified Nutrition Coach! 
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