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February 6, 2023

The Warhawk Crew Calendar has this year's upcoming events listed; here are a few coming soon:

February 8 (4:00pm-8:00pm): Dining for Dollars @ Panera Bread (136 Maple Avenue)
February 9 (JMHS, Cafeteria and Warhawk Hall): Mandatory Water Safety Meeting for parents and athletes. The athletes will watch a required safety video in the cafeteria after practice. Pizza will be served! Then, parents and athletes will meet in Warhawk Hall at 7:00pm for an overview of expectations for the water season. Attendance is mandatory for athletes and highly recommended for parents (especially Novice/Freshman parents!).
February 11 (Sandy Run Regional Park): Rigging Day for athletes (9:00am) and Launch Boat Training for parents (10:00am). One of the most rewarding VASRA Volunteer positions is that of the Launch Driver (driving the small launch boats during a regatta, where you can be with the athletes during the race!). There are so many types of Launch Drivers (Marshall, Referee/Judge, Safety, Dam Guard, Set-up, Shuttle, Photographer Driver, etc.) and it's really a great experience. However, it does require launch driver training, so sign up for training on Dibs HERE!
February 14 (7:15pm-9:00pm, JMHS Room 111): JMCBO Board Meeting. All are welcome!
February 17: Mulch orders are due online
February 17, 2023 (6:15pm, Tunstall Family Home): Friday Team Dinner. Look for a DIBs signup soon to contribute food to this dinner!
February 19 (all day): Dining for Dollars @ Mod Pizza (168 Maple Avenue West)
February 20 (Sandy Run Regional Park): Spring Training Begins!

Congratulations to all the Madison Crew athletes for a great performance at the Annual Ergatta vs. Oakton!

Madison Crew representing at the 2023 ErgSprints!


March 4: Mulch Day
March 11 (5:00pm-9:00pm): Dining for Dollars @ Chipotle (213 Maple Avenue East)
April 3-7: Spring Break Training
May 30: End of Year Banquet

**See the full list of regatta dates in the Regatta section.


* Read the 2022-23 Parent Handbook.
* Join us on Slack to make sure you get-up-to-the-minute communications.  See the Communications section for more information.
* Join Winter Conditioning: EVERYONE is welcome (with or without experience)! Practice is held weekdays (4:00pm-6:00pm) and Saturdays (8:00am-11:00am). Meet us at the MadCrew Shed near Door 11.
* Register your student-athlete for the 2023 Warhawk Crew Season: Click HERE to register your athlete by February 10.  Contact with any questions.
* Join/Renew US Rowing and complete the SafeSport Training. See more info HERE.
* Start your FCPS Certification Badging Process now! See more info HERE and the Volunteering section for more information.

* Take care of your volunteer credits! See the Volunteering section for more information and/or visit DIBS HERE to sign up now (make sure to scroll through all pages to see all the opportunities)!


More information to come!


Warhawk Crew uses Slack to share updates and reminders as well as help team families stay connected. You can download Slack for iOS here or Slack for Android here. If you aren’t connected to our workspace us on Slack, contact and let us know who your rower is when you do so.

Below is a listing of the Channels on Slack that have been created by JMCBO to facilitate communication about Warhawk Crew. Anyone may ask to join any channel. Board Members have access to all channels for purposes of oversight. After every season, year-specific channels will be Archived. Anyone can create a channel, which is why the list below may not be complete.

Coaches typically create team specific channels to communicate with their team (Varsity Men, Varsity Women, Novice Men, Novice Women) and invite team members to these channels. These channels usually include discussions about workouts, lineups, other team specific information. 

#General: Everyone is automatically subscribed to the “General” channel. However, posting on “General” is limited to Board Members. The General Channel is where team-wide information (e.g., team dinners, practice cancellations, fundraising opportunities, volunteer opportunities, operation workdays) will be posted.
#Parents: This is a channel to ask questions or communicate with all crew parents and the Board.
#Carpools: This channel is useful to parents who want to arrange carpools for their athletes.
#Pictures: This channel is where parents and students post pictures.
#Random: Random thoughts!
#2022_Learn_to_Row: This channel was created to provide information for our 2022 Learn to Row Days.
#2023_Novice_Parent: This is a private channel for new parents moderated by the JMCBO’s new parent liaison, Tim Ballew, and the JMCBO President.
#Parents-Stotes: This channel was created to keep parents informed of the happenings at the Stotesbury Regatta.

Each Board Level Committee has its own channel to facilitate committee level communication. These channels are: #Fundraising, #Hospitality, #Operations, #Recruiting.


Mulch Sales are underway! All orders are due online by February 17 and mulch will be delivered on Saturday, March 4! Remember this is our biggest fundraiser of the year and can help everyone reach their personal fundraising goal!  We need your help to keep Warhawk Crew strong! 

There are lots of Dining for Dollars events coming up in February and March:
  • February 8 (4:00pm-8:00pm): Panera Bread (136 Maple Avenue)
  • February 19 (all day): Mod Pizza (168 Maple Avenue West)
  • March 11, 2023 (5:00pm-9:00pm): Chipotle (213 Maple Avenue East)

You can also raise money towards your personal fundraising goal without spending anything extra by shopping with RaiseRight (formerly Scrip). Through Raise Right, you earn money to support Warhawk Crew through your everyday purchases. Once you join the program, you can purchase gift cards online and use them to pay for purchases at a wide array of stores (e-gift cards are received immediately, physical gift cards are shipped to Tracy McHone 1-2 times/month). You can even double up by using these gift cards at our Dining for Dollars events!  For example, if you purchase a $100 Chipotle e-gift card which shows a 10% rebate, the e-gift card you receive immediately has a balance of $100 and Warhawk Crew automatically receives a $10 rebate from Great Lakes Scrip Center, credited to you. It’s a win-win!  Download the RaiseRight mobile app and enter this enrollment code:2A5CEL133648.

Does your employer utilize matching through Benevity or some other platform?   If you are the owner of a business or frequent a local business, Warhawk Crew is always looking for Corporate Sponsors!

Contact Tracy McHone on Slack or for questions or more information.


We  Our Volunteers!!!  We are so very happy to see the 'all-hands-on-deck' approach to claiming the volunteer needs of our organization! Thank you all for dedicating your time; we could not operate Warhawk Crew without YOU

We have made some significant progress with filling most volunteer needs to date. Be sure to visit the DIBs site HERE often for new opportunities that will pop up over the season. Please know you only need to claim volunteer jobs to fulfill the required credits you 'pledged' during registration. No need to go overboard; leave some opportunity for others to fulfill their requirement. For most, that will be 6 credits based on the option you selected at registration. GOOD NEWS, if you have more than 1 athlete registered for this season, the board has made the decision to require only credits by family, not multiple athletes. 

Progress to date (as of February 2):

  • Bus Chaperone: 100% filled with required FCPS Badges complete or in-process
  • Weekly Gas Runs: 100% filled!
  • VASRA Regatta Season Support: 75% filled
  • Board and Committee Positions: ~65% filled
Volunteers Needed for 3 CRITICAL Positions (for any questions, contact the following individuals via email or Slack):

 Quick DIBs Facts &Tips:

  1. What is DIBs? DIBs is our volunteer management system in which jobs will be posted throughout the season for volunteer needs. A DIB session typically has a list of items (jobs) assigned to it.
  2. What does DIBS stand for? We have no idea! It is a component of SportsEngine we activated. The definition of dibs: rights, claims (noun)
  3. How do we track Volunteer Credits? We list volunteer opportunities in DIBs by session and manually track completed and scheduled sign-ups. Volunteer credits associated with the job are typically listed in the session overview or the list item. 
  4. How do I find out my Volunteer Credit Fulfillment Status? The credit summary (by athlete) is posted to the website under Volunteers HERE. Please note this is Manual​ (and our first year of implementation), so if you see any discrepancies, contact or Tarrin Pakes via Slack.
  5. Where can I find DIBs? All Warhawk Crew DIBs Sessions are located at
  6. Tips for searching in DIBs:
    • Check the filters to be sure you have checked both: "Has Date/Time" and "Has no Date/Time"
    • Be sure you fill in the filter dates with enough time (past & future) to capture all list items.
    • Most DIBS Sessions will have list items assigned to them. Be sure to check if there are multiple pages.
  7. What if I need to cancel my DIBs claim? Most jobs have a cancelation period associated and all you need to do is Request Cancellation under the "Claimed Items" header of the associated DIBs session when you are logged in. If you cannot cancel, contact or Tarrin Pakes via Slack.
  8. What if I need to cancel my DIBS claim and the cancellation period has passed? It is your duty to find a replacement and contact or Tarrin Pakes via Slack to notify her of your replacement.


We're two weeks from water practices, so this is a friendly reminder to register for the 2023 Warhawk Crew season HERE. Registration is a multi-step process and all steps are required before water practice (find out more HERE). Questions or need help? Contact Tim Ballew via Slack or email

Spread the news about MadCrew and recruit more rowers and coxswains! In an effort to make the 2023 season as successful as possible, we are initiating a Recruiting Challenge. Now is the time to invite, persuade, or cajole a novice/freshman rower or coxswain to attend Winter Training. If you manage to do this, please email the  with your name and the contact information for the new athlete (name, email, parent's email at least). We will follow-up and if they register with the team, you will earn a $50 Amazon gift card (through Raise Right) for your team-building efforts.


During the regular regatta season (starting March 17), we will have team-specific Friday night dinners before every home regatta. Please consider hosting an upcoming weekly Friday Warhawk Crew Team dinner! This is to provide the space ONLY - food items will be taken care of by others. No place too big or too small. The athletes don't have to fit in one room, on one level, or all have chairs. They will make themselves fit. Sign up HERE for one of the 15+ remaining host slots with the following athlete numbers: Men (44), Women (34), Men's Varsity (29), Women's Varsity (25), Men's Novice (15), and Women's Novice (9). The group size estimate may vary from March 17 - April 28. Host responsibilities include providing a clean environment, floor space, and the ability to receive all the food & drinks prior to dinner at 6:30. The host supplies paper plates, cutlery, cups, napkins, water and garbage bags.

Separate, weekly sign-ups will be posted on Slack for parents to contribute food for the dinners.

Join the @hospitality Slack channel for other opportunities to feed our athletes!


Regattas that Madison Crew will be participating in this year:
March 18 (Sandy Run Regional Park) - Polar Bear Regatta
March 25 (Sandy Run Regional Park) - Regional Park Regatta
April 1 (Centreville, MD) - Gunston School Regatta
April 8 (Sandy Run Regional Park) - Darrell Winslow Regatta
April 15 (Sandy Run Regional Park) - Ted Phoenix Regatta
April 22 (Richmond, VA) - James River Sprints Regatta
April 29 (Sandy Run Regional Park) - Al Urquia Regatta
May 6 (Sandy Run Regional Park) - Virginia Scholastic Rowing Championship Regatta (Day 1)
May 13 (Sandy Run Regional Park) - Virginia Scholastic Rowing Championship Regatta (Day 2)
May 18-20 (Philadelphia, PA) - Stotesbury Cup Regatta
May 26-27 (Oakridge, TN) - SRAA National Championships (must qualify)

Contact Valerie Jopeck, Away Regattas Coordinator, via Slack with any questions.


For Monday - Friday practices at Sandy Run Regional Park
  • Our charter bus transportation will begin Monday, February 20, and will run every weekday (excluding Spring Break week).
  • The bus will pick up students in the back of the high school, by the cafeteria (Door #4).
  • The bus will be at Madison at 2:45pm and will depart by 3:15pm each day. 
  • Between February 20 - April 14, the bus will depart Sandy Run at approximately 6:30pm with an estimated return to JMHS (Door #11) by 7:30pm.
  • From April 17 - May 17, we are extending practice by 30 mins so the bus will depart Sandy Run at approximately 7:00pm with an estimated return to JMHS (Door #11) by 8:00pm. 
  • The bus has WIFI so the students can do homework while riding. 
  • The bus also has a bathroom. 
 Athlete Guidelines While On The Bus:
  • Athletes must clean up their own trash.
  • Athletes must remain seated on the bus and may not sit backwards in the seats or lean over the backs of the seats.
  • Excessive noise, foul language, inappropriate physical contact or controversial topics are all prohibited.
  • Athletes must listen to the bus driver for any other safety instructions and treat the adult volunteers with respect.
  • When an athlete will not be taking the bus back to Madison from practice, their parent has to email the Transportation Chair at at least 24 hours in advance. 
 Bus Chaperone Duties:
  • A huge thank you to all that volunteered to chaperone the bus. All of our volunteer spots are 100% claimed!!
  • FCPS does NOT permit us to offer this bus service unless a parent accompanies the bus as a chaperone. If the Bus Chaperone does not show up or find a substitute, our rowers won't be able to practice that day.
  • CAN'T MAKE YOUR SHIFT? You must find a substitute with appropriate FCPS volunteer badge and email the Transportation Chair at with the name and phone number of the person who will be doing your shift.
  • More chaperone info such as badging requirements and other duties can be found HERE
Carpool Planning:
  • Reminder! There is no bus transportation for Saturdays and Spring Break to Sandy Run. Plan ahead to coordinate carpool groups to help with Saturday and Spring Break practices, Saturday regattas, and other events at Sandy Run. 
  • We will be coordinating carpools driven by adults for two away regattas on April 1 (Gunston School in Maryland) and April 22 (Richmond). More details will come in early March. 
  • We will also help coordinate carpools for athletes in the 1st Varsity boats for the Stotesbury Regatta in mid-May and any athletes who qualify for SRAA National Championships in late May. 


If you want some spirit wear, contact Jessica Khurana on Slack or email ( for what she has available.


Athlete Time Commitment
Winter Conditioning is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended November-January. Those involved in fall and winter sports are still able to participate in crew as long as the coaches are informed. However, come late winter and early spring, athletes are expected to participate as fully as possible.

In-season training (on-the-water-training) usually starts in mid to late February on the Occoquan at Sandy Run. Until regattas begin, training is typically 6 days a week (2-3 hr. sessions). Please note that on-the-water-training is held over Spring Break. Attendance is mandatory for in-season training (your boat is depending upon you!).

Where We Practice
Winter conditioning is conducted at James Madison High School. Water training will be held at Sandy Run Regional Park starting February 20.

Financial Obligations
Warhawk Crew is not financially supported by Fairfax County Public Schools. Our booster club, JMCBO, works diligently to keep student cost to a minimum. Expenses associated with the Warhawk Crew program are derived from a combination of yearly dues and fundraising activities.

Volunteer Obligations
Warhawk Crew is a volunteer-run organization. Each family is expected to contribute their time and talents in some way in order to provide the best experience for our rowers.  For a summary of the parent volunteer requirements for each Madison Crew family, please visit our Volunteer page.

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