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Whooo else has watched/is watching Tiger King? Tbh I fell off halfway through after siding with Carole Baskin and getting bored of Joe Exotic hating on her so hard. However judging by all the memes, it does appear that the majority of people are not #TeamCarole.

Is there a chance she fed her 2nd husband to a tiger? Sure. Did she put her current husband on a *literal* leash? Yes. Despite all of it, there's just something about her hustle that I respect. Real recognize real.

Thanks to Carole for being the best part of Tiger King, and to you for being here ❤️now onto the internet things!

Some good things
Britney Spears Toxic
Like so many of you, I too am unsure about wtf Britney Spears is doing these days.

However !! I recently came across this analysis of "Toxic" and was reminded how much I loved her and this song. If you're a fan of old school Britney it is a must-see.

Andrew Cuomo is thirsting for the Cuomo brothers these days, Cardi B included.

Would love to hear where you stand...Andrew or Chris? This love letter to Andrew makes some great points. But then I see a faded photograph of a young Chris and I'm confused again ??

I'm conducting a ~*very scientific*~ poll on my IG story, if you care to weigh in.

And if you have been been sleeping under a gd rock and have no idea what I'm talking need to watch this.

More good things...
Some funny things
Coronavirus stop
So much respect for this girl for saying what we're all thinking (but too afraid to voice out loud) about coronavirus.
Little women water bottle
Oh to be a Hydroflask lurking behind Timothée in the background of Little Women. Hope he's staying hydrated in these trying times 💙
More funny things...
Some important things
Kim Kardashian West
This NYT article about Kim Kardashian West's work in criminal justice reform is FASCINATING.

It is no secret that I ride hard for KKW, so yes my take is 100000% biased, but wowww.

"...people in prisons around the country, along with their family members and lawyers, started writing letters to Kardashian West. She estimates she receives hundreds of letters a month...she reads them all."
More important things...
  • 💔 Here's how the pandemic is highlighting inequalities. "People with money...can do their work at home, connect to colleagues and friends via Zoom, and hold online happy hours with their 'quarantinis'...they may also be more able to get food and supplies brought to their door, and stockpile some necessities. It takes money to hoard."
  • 🛒 I've only been to H-E-B once (I was drunk and begging them to write an expletive on a cake, but that is a story for another day). This breakdown of how they were able to get ahead of the pandemic is super interesting. 
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