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Earlier this week I received some very alarming (to me) news. It was brought to my attention that on Monday, I had taken a grand total of...38 steps. THREE. EIGHT. If there ever was a "damn bitch you live like this ??" moment, that was it for me.

Anyway, it was the reminder I needed to stop watching unlimited reruns of Frasier and go out for a walk (only around my neighborhood, obviously !!)

I've also set the ~*lofty*~ goal of doing this 7-minute workout (lol) every day next week, but would really love any advice you might have to help a very lazy person (me) to not turn into a potato with mush for brains.

Thanks to Alexandra for the 38 steps (!!) wake up call, and to you for being here ❤️now onto the internet things!

Some good things
Lil Nas X with his birthday cake
Lil Nas X's quarantine birthday is all of our quarantine birthdays. To anyone else celebrating (??) during this time...we'll make up for it whenever all of this *gestures wildly at everything* ends.

P.S. HQBD to my friend Cristina, whose QB is today 🎂
It Girls of the early 2000s
I'm obsessed with this Twitter thread about the It Girl War of the early 2000s. 

If, like me, you lived for LiLo vs. Hilary, everyone randomly dating Wilmer Valderrama, and The Holy Trinity, it's a must-read. 

Extra credit is this article about how Instagram influencers killed the It Girl.

Peaceful alpacas at sunset
🌅Just some restorative, peaceful alpaca energy. 
More good things...
Some funny things
The sound of a sugar cube
Watch this with sound ON...the sound the sugar cube makes just as it hits the pavement is *chef's kiss* 😘
Eggs in a row
I won't lie, this video doesn't get good until about 18 seconds in. But TRUST ME when I say it'll be worth it.
More funny things...
Some important things
I love Lady Gaga's explanation of why we aren't *actually* all in this together. 
More important things...
Still here?
...making it to this point is like the email version of staying up late watching TV and seeing this commercial.

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