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This week, I finished Conversations With Friends (so good! But still not as good as Normal People!), did this sneaky-hard workout, and managed to keep my basil plant alive but killed my lavender :( These mundane lil weeks were fine and cute at the beginning of quarantine, but as other cities begin re-opening and Los Angeles still is not...well I hate it.

HOWEVER, I am thankful for my health, my too-small apartment and of course, you for being here ❤️now onto the internet things!

Some good things
Are you in the right headspace to receive a video that will boost your serotonin to 1000000 ?? I cannot begin to express how happy this makes me, but Elmo's reaction at 0:33 comes pretty close. 
Mrs. America
Have you seen Mrs. America on Hulu? The season finale was this week and it was so good/satisfying/heartbreaking, all at once. There were multiple times I had to pause, pick up my phone, and Google "Did XYZ rly happen?" or "Was Phyllis Schlafly rly that psycho irl?"

Everything about this show is so, so good, but Rose Byrne as Gloria Steinem might be my favorite thing about the entire series. 

Cancel golf
Finally figured out who I am voting for in November and it is this woman.
More good things...
Some funny things
Lazy wiener dog
Buying a dress
I knew I wasn't the only person whose phone looks like this.
More funny things...
Some important things
George Floyd
You have no doubt already read/heard about the murder of George Floyd, but nothing seems more important than this right now.
More important things...
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