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Since sending my first-ever issue into the world (just last week, if you missed it) I have received some of the nicest notes and words of encouragement—including this email from our dear friend Paula.

"Looking forward to the next one. Meanwhile I shall keep sending nasty tweets to Trump, knowing that you have the internet covered for me."

It gives me such a deep sense of satisfaction to know that I am helping busy people like Paula to free up a few extra minutes each week, thus giving them more time to focus on what is important in life, like talking shit to the president.

Thanks to Paula, and all of you, for being here ❤️ now onto the internet things!

Some good things

@gramparents is the quite possibly the sweetest IG account in the whole world. As you probably gathered from the name it's just a bunch of oldies...looking all cute and hip and Instagram-y. 
I imagine this gramparent owns a minimum of 5 Pomeranians and begins drinking gin and tonics at 11 AM. My dream life!
Have you seen Taylor Swift's MISS AMERICANA doc on Netflix yet? 

During one of the interviews she starts to apologize for getting on her soapbox, then stops herself: "Why did I say sorry? Sorry, was I loud? In my own house? That I bought? With the songs that I wrote about my own life?" 
You know that feeling when you're singing Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer" in a public park and then like, 100 strangers decide to join in? Ya me neither but this guy does
Honestly not much to say here except that these pillows are actually made of rocks and I cannot get tf over it. 

Some funny things

My favorite reply to this thread:

"Most young people fucking hate Harry Potter. Only 30-something libs actually like that shit still, they never grew out of it."

A little under two years ago Kim Kardashian requested the return of Dunkaroos, and now they're coming back. Just another add to her long list of accomplishments: gets people out of jail, cover of Vogue, singlehandedly brings back one of the greatest snacks of the '90s. How do you not love this woman ??!
I stayed up way past my bedtime on Monday night waiting for Iowa caucus results. It is now Friday and I still don't know wtf is going on. I least we got a Snookie meme out of it?
AMAZON DATING. With FREE, one-hour delivery.

And just one Teddy (>52k five-star reviews !!) left in stock.

Some important things

Bushfires are still burning in parts of Australia 💔 My friend Ling, who is from Melbourne, has been organizing bushfire relief efforts here in LA.

Ling has suggested four beneficiaries for people to donate to, and for every $15 donated, she'll send you a pack of Tim Tams (aka cookies! Although, apparently in Australia, cookies are called 'biscuits'...isn't that silly ??)

All you have to do is donate to one of the below causes and reply to this email with your screenshot. The Tim Tams will take care of themselves. 
What do you think of the term 'girlboss'? I personally find it extremely fucking grating. 

This article hit it right on the head: "A girl is a young woman—to suggest that a female worker or leader is a #girlboss directly infantilises her...It's 2020 now. What we need is not more inspirational memes or glittering launches for fancy women-only co-working spaces."

And, in (kind of) related news: Goldman Sachs will no longer do IPOs for companies without women on their boards. Tiiiite
Two weeks ago the California State Senate passed SCR 69, a resolution that supports fair wages for incarcerated workers (next it heads to the CA State Assembly).

>42,000 people in California's state prisons work full-time (as electricians, carpenters, cooks, fire crew members, etc.)  and earn less than $1/hr. When returning to society, the formerly incarcerated face so many barriers—having the ability to save money while in prison would make a huge difference.
Anyone else feel like absolute shit when they forget to bring their reusable bags to the grocery store? Pls tell me I'm not alone. Climate change can be RLY stressful but this NYT article presents a five-point plan to help you to "stop freaking out" and tackle it.

The first step? Understanding that the reason living sustainably is so hard is due to the systems put in place by government and giant corporations, and going a little easier on yourself for forgetting your grocery bags.

Still here?

...I appreciate you!

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