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Last weekend, I watched all of Normal People in the span of two days. Normally I'd feel shit about consuming that much TV but it was so good, I felt zero remorse. I'm probably a lil biased—the book is one of my favorites, and the best I read in 2019—but just TRUST ME on this one. 

I've also been participating in my friend Jess' five-day challenge. It's called The Reset and it's completely free, with an accompanying e-book full of legitimately useful information. The program focuses on "plant-focused eating, daily movement and a commitment to self-care" (does watching 6 hours of Normal People count as self-care??) If you're feeling in need of a break from the carbs and quarantinis, I couldn't recommend it enough.

Thanks to The Reset for helping me balance out the binge watching, this fan account dedicated to the hottest/best character from Normal People, and of course, you for being here ❤️now onto the internet things!

Some good things
Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber just released their new song, "Stuck with U" and it's actually so, so sweet.

The ~*socially distanced*~ music video is well worth watching, if only for the last 10-ish seconds where Ariana appears with a mystery man (!!!) who is juuust tall enough to have his head cropped out of the frame. WHO IS HE?!!?

The daily updates from this marquee sign in Austin, TX are my new favorite thing. Nothing but 📠📠📠

More good things...
Some funny things
What your Los Angeles neighborhood says about you.
I've spent more time this week than I care to admit thinking about Elon Musk's baby. 

How do you pronounce X Æ A-12? 
What will they look like?
What will they be like when they grow up? 

More funny things...
Some important things
The story of Ahmaud Arbery makes my heart hurt 💔
More important things...
Still here?
...this is huge, if true.

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