P. Diddy Vote or Die

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Hello, can someone please tell me who to vote for? 

A few weeks back I thought I had a pretty good idea whose camp I was in; but the closer we get to Super Tuesday, the more confused I become, and the more I wish it was 2004:
  • P. Diddy was (randomly) really into voting.
  • Donald Trump was still just the host of Celebrity Apprentice.
  • And perhaps most importantly, I was 14 and unable to vote entirely. Simpler times! 
Thankfully, my political reporter friend will be in town this weekend. At this point my game plan is to just like, ask her what I should do, and then do that thing (pretty sure that's *not* how the Founding Fathers envisioned the voting process but those guys were a bunch of misogynists anyway).

No thanks to them, but all the thanks to you, for being here ❤️now onto the internet things!

Some good things

Lil Nas X crashes a wedding
Lil Nas X crashed a wedding and I am 1000% the woman at the 7-second mark in this video.
Loving this brief history on the New Balance 990. My (and apparently, Steve Jobs') absolute favorite shoe, and the most comfortable pair I own. 
BTS Carpool Karaoke
Have you watched James Corden's Carpool Karaoke with BTS? It is so funny, even if you aren't into K Pop, and even if you aren't into boy bands.

I hadn't really bought into the BTS obsession until seeing this, but they are so happy and funny and fun to watch. 
Pope Francis

Growing up Catholic, I always *hated* Lent. When I was  young, I'd try to give up something really big, inevitably mess up, then feel bad about it. As I got older, I started to "give up" things I shouldn't have even been doing in the first place. Like when I was 16 and "gave up" drinking...hahahahaaa

For Lent, the Pope has asked Catholics to give up "useless words, gossip, rumors, tittle-tattle". Basically, no trolling from now til Easter. Not sure how apt I am to particpate in Lent at this point in my life, but that seems do-able.
Doja Cat music video
Doja Cat's new music video is SO GOOD. It's disco-y and glittery and LA-sunset-y 💖

The song blew up largely in part to a viral TikTok dance, and she nods to that in the video, which I thought was so, so cute.

Some funny things

@sarahclazarus on Twitter
It literally me. 
Honestly thought this was a joke the first time I read it, but apparently, bad guys in movies are not allowed to have iPhones !! 🤯 
Elizabeth Warren and billionaires
Elizabeth Warren plays "guess who" but with billionaires and omg...this woman. A gift. We are not worthy. Should I just vote for her and be done with it? Honestly might. 
This is a real tweet from New Jersey's official state Twitter account. I have never been to NJ and tbh, after discovering this account, I'm a little scared to. Go ahead and give their account a little scroll. This state is off.the.rails. 
Jif v GIF
Jif (the peanut butter) has partnered with GIPHY to make a limited-edition jar of peanut butter, in effort to settle the GIF pronunciation debate.

I have to say...

IT IS GIF. THE GUY WHO INVENTED THE FUCKING THING SAID SO. HARD G!! This is absolutely the hill I am willing to die on. 
Do you know what a javelina is? I didn't until I moved to Arizona for college. I *think* they are essentially, wild boars? 

Anyway, I have not stopped crying-laughing watching this video of a javelina running wild and free. You must listen with sound as the soundtrack is *chef's kiss* the best part. There's also a Fleetwood Mac version. Also Beastie Boys. And I would be remiss not to link this one, it being Friday and all.

Some important things

“It’s just like a little squirt gun,” she told the group of children, before passing around the small plastic device for them to hold and squeeze.

In response to the opioid epidemic, children are being taught in school how to use Narcan to reverse an overdose. 💔

Also, if you haven't watched The Pharmacist on Netflix yet (it's set in a community at the heart of the opioid epidemic), you totally should. 
Skid Row firefighters
This article was eye-opening, overwhelming, heartbreaking, and at times, straight up hard to read. It details a day in the life of the firefighters that work on Skid Row in DTLA.
Would you do 'No Screen Sunday'? It's exactly what it sounds like...ditching your phone, tablet, phablet, TV, MacBook, etc. etc. in effort to get away from the screens. 

As someone who loves the internet *deeply*, I'm a little scared to try this. Mainly bc I think I would lose my gd mind. But going to give it a go this Sunday. Lmk if you're in, too. 
Ok yes I realize coronavirus is a very real threat but please just give me this one Love Is Blind reference (for the record, I still need to watch, but feel as if I am very looped in via the memes and Twittersphere).

Trying to keep up with all the coronavirus news makes me feel like a chicken with its head cutoff. Thankfully, the President has put Mike Pence in charge. Great! Wonderful! Everything is fine 🙃

Yesterday's episode of The Daily interviewed a health and science reporter (who has covered basically every major outbreak) about coronavirus. It helped me to feel a little more informed and a little less like a headless chicken.

Still here? fast and wild and free, like a javelina, into the weekend! 

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