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This week, I listened to a three year old voice note that I found on my phone. It was from a conversation I had with an astrology man named Ashish who told me about my sun sign and my moon sign and something called a Capricorn rising (??). He told me that I'll be very lucky when I am 50 (an annoyingly long time to wait to be lucky don't you think??) and was adamant that San Francisco is bad for my energy, but that carrying a lapis crystal on my person is good for my energy.

Long story short, I'm looking for a crystal—words I never thought I would say—so if anyone reading this knows a guy...lmk.

Thanks to Ashish (tho I'm more confused now than ever tbh) and of course, you for being here ❤️now onto the internet things!

Some good things
Ring dad
This dad leaving messages on the Ring for his daughter who is away at college is the most wholesome thing. 

"Hey Em, I imagine you're pregaming right now!" 😭😭😭

Snoop Dogg in the car
Nothing to say here, it is exactly what it looks like and it is wonderful.

(Ty Kayla!! 💖)

More good things...
Some funny things
Chris and Andrew Cuomo
Chris Cuomo making Andrew Cuomo laugh-cry made me laugh-cry. 
I don't fully understand who Jojo Siwa is or what she does, only that she is a 17 year old multimillionaire with enough licensing deals to throw herself a Jojo Siwa-themed birthday party and that it is...a massive flex.

Good for her. 

More funny things...
Some important things
Obama commencement speech
If you haven't yet watched President Obama's message to the class of 2020, you should. 
More important things...
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