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Hello from me and my daughter, Ocean Summer 🐨

In last week's issue, I shared a bit about how my friend Ling has been raising money for brushfire relief efforts. This week she donated to four different causes, including the Koala Hospital, and adopted this sweet little thing FOR ME. Can you believe it?

Ocean Summer (incredible name and I wish I had been the one to make it up) has brought me so much happiness these past few days. Whenever I’m bored or cranky or overwhelmed, I like to remember that this koala is over there, on the opposite side of the world, eating leaves (salad ??) and just vibing.

Thanks to Ocean Summer for simply existing,  and to all of you, for being here ❤️ now onto the internet things!

Some good things

Have we not all, at one point in our lives, been Paul Rudd in the club
I'm trying to do that thing where I don't eat meat for one day per week. At times it gives me flashbacks to growing up Catholic and eating fish sticks on Fridays. 

This crispy, ginger-y, soy-y tofu tastes so much better than fish sticks (how's that for a hard sell ??) and is so easy to make. Fry the tofu, whisk together the four-ingredient sauce, pour the sauce on the tofu. I made it three times this week  😳
I know Justin Bieber is not everyone's favorite person. But the truth is...he is my favorite person. So, he made the newsletter.

Despite your stance on JB, this music video is incredibly heartwarming. For the video, he partnered with Alexandria House, a transitional shelter for women and children in Los Angeles. 

Don't want to spoil it for you but there is a very Oprah moment that occurs and of course, I cried.
A statistics guy (that is the official name for said profession, right?) made this thing that will guess your name based on the first letter and the decade you were born. When I did it, 'Candace' wasn't the first guess, but it still made the list which is kind of cool.

Of course, it worked perfectly for my sister, Ashley...bc everyone is named Ashley.

Would love to know if it works for you.
Have you watched The Neighbors' Window? It received the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film (tbh no idea what that even means). 

In it, a middle aged couple gets new across-the-street neighbors—a younger couple who are constantly throwing parties and uhh...well...fucking (right in front of the windows! the nerve!), until one day, everything changes. 

Some funny things

By now you have heard about Parasite's historic Oscar win, how the cast partied in K-Town until 5 AM, and seen all the Bong Joon-Ho memes your little heart could ever want. 

BUT did you see this fan video that someone made of Bong Joon-Ho's translator, Sharon Choi?!!? It makes me so, so happy. I then went down the rabbit hole and discovered that she has quite the fandom, which made me even happier. 
An important question to ask ourselves this Valentine's it okay to fake an engagement for free dessert?

I suppose it depends where you are. Cheesecake Factory? That's an obvious yes.

Sidenote: In high school it was such a thing to go to like, Chili's, and pretend it was someone's birthday to get free dessert. Maybe because where I grew up the only things to do were go to the mall...or go to Chili's. This was most certainly a thing though, right? I can't be alone in this.
THE BROOM also made the rounds this week. I was feeling quite left out that I don't own a broom (Swiffer life baby 🤘) and couldn't participate, until I saw this tweet
Chances are you have already seen this insane (!!!) photo of Donald Trump but I needed to document it here. Do we think this is fake tan or unblended foundation? Please weigh in.
I love AOC and this video of her is somewhat of a religious experience for me. 

Some important things

Andrew Yang ended his presidential campaign this week. I feel for the Yang Gang 💔

His supporters ride hard for him, and obviously, he is going to do so much more cool shit in his lifetime. He has immediately shown his support for "whoever the Democratic nominee is," which is 🤘🤘🤘

As exciting as it is to follow all the primaries, I'm feeling pretty ready to just *know* who our person ends up being and rally around them.
"Instagram intrinsically thrives off consumer culture. The platform's own shopping feature—and its overflowing crop of influencers—sends a clear message: Instagram wants you to buy things, and it doesn’t really care whether they’re eco-friendly or not."

Been thinking about this a lot lately, as I've noticed more and more influencers partnering with fast fashion brands. This article focuses on those who are taking a different approach.
Speaking of influencers...the fact that all these huge meme accounts basically sold out to do sponcon for Mike Bloomberg feels really icky to me. Thoughts?
My friend who is an emergency room physician sent me this picture the other day and just said "Wuhan, man."

I'm embarrassed to say that up until now, I wasn't paying too much attention to all the coronavirus news. Yesterday's episode of The Daily changed that. 

It talks about a doctor in Wuhan who began warning people about the virus, and was called in by the police and forced to sign a statement that he was spreading fake news (!!) It gets even crazier. 

Still here?

...I wish you nothing but Paul-Rudd-in-the-club levels of happiness this weekend. 

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