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Yesterday after running an ~*essential*~ errand I had the incredible (at the time) idea to take the very long way home. Do you have any idea how FUN it is to drive around Los Angeles with no traffic?!! Extremely.

It wasn't until I got home and did some Googling that I realized driving around for fun is actually not allowed. Oops 😬I am trying my best to stay home, and I didn't even get out of the car once, so I feel's not *that* bad? Idk !! Someone tell me !!

Thanks in advance for the validation and also for being here ❤️now onto the internet things!

Some good things
Zoom call hack
How to make it look like you are paying attention on Zoom.

Tbh my problem isn't so much paying attention; it's the fact that after 2 weeks of quarantine I look absolutely insane 👹

Bon Appetit makes Bagel Bites
This Bon Appetit series make me so happy.  Sit back and enjoy as Claire Saffitz, a trained pastry chef and angel on earth, makes Bagel Bites from scratch 🍕
AMASS hand sanitizer
My friend Zenny sent a care package containing a huge ass bottle of AMASS gin  🍸 and their *genius* new product... "alcohol-based hand wash for when water is unavailable." I'm pretty sure that's just a fancy way to say "hand sanitizer." But what makes it so genius is that a portion of the proceeds go to bartenders who've been affected by the closure of bars and restaurants ❤️

More good things...
Some funny things
Corgi maze
Someone made a maze for their corgi to play in bc quarantine, and I can't stop watching 😭
Missy Elliott advice
A public service announcement from Missy Misdemeanor Elliott herself.
Puyallup PD tweet
A police department in Washington is asking people to stop all criminal activity until after coronavirus.

Made me think of this's fun to do bad things 😈

More funny things...
Some important things
Rules for living
Friendly lil' reminder to take good care of yourself
GoFundMe for nurses
My friend Lex told me about this GoFundMe that's providing meals for nurses in NYC. How great is that? 
More important things...
Still here?
...just so you know, I won't tell anyone if you decide to go on a just-for-fun drive 🚘

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