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I know I'm a day late, but I could not possibly let the calendar turn to May without sharing this. Thanks for humoring me! Feels good to get that off my chest!

Aside from reminiscing about very bad memes, I spent most of this week reading The Great Alone (and wondering this the entire time), finally (!!) watching Normal People, and trying to erase my sun damage with this supposedly crazy-ass retinol. I'm also loving this article that puts so perfectly into words how weird it is to ask one another "How are you?" at this point in time. Anyone else feeling this?

As always, thank you for being here ❤️now onto the internet things!

Some good things
Zen garden
This is the most zen thing to exist on the internet. I've probably watched it 3829103 times.
The Office theme song remixes
The Office theme song is like my personal version of Pavlov's bell. 

So imagine how excited I was to discover this video of a guy (in Jim Halpert cosplay ??) playing the theme song in 10 different musical genres. All bops! Every last one!

Fluffy dalgona matcha
Made and posted this fluffy matcha last weekend and got ~*sOoOo many questions*~ about how to make it (no seriously).

Here's the recipe–if you decide to try, lmk how it goes! 

More good things...
Some funny things
I'm a little late to this party but HAVE U SEEN Senator Mark Warner make a tuna melt ???

As someone who loves tuna, mayo, and fake-ass American cheese...even I can admit that this man is UNHINGED and needs to go to jail.

Literally every Zoom call ever. 
More funny things...
Some important things
Skylight Books
I know ordering books from Amazon is crazy cheap and convenient, but if you can, consider supporting your local independent bookstore. This article explains how. 
More important things...
Still here?'re the best man (or woman !!) I've ever known.

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