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This week we're talking about: the Browser.
We do less with passing files from one person to another, because we're all using the internet to store our stuff. I recently found a small bag of flash drives, and a thought bubble appeared over my head. I couldn't remember what I had stored on them.

Not only have we navigated away from device-localized storage, we've also started to expect that we can do our work from any device, anywhere. Higher bandwidth and lower latency is giving real-time collaboration apps a home in the browser.

A more portable way to use applications is in the browser, because you’re not bound to one specific device. You’re accessing tools on the cloud, when they are most convenient to you.

Browsers are reaching the same level of maturity that operating systems did when smartphone apps went mainstream. When smartphones emerged initially, applications didn’t come out yet because the ecosystem wasn’t mature enough. Once the ecosystem matured, there was an explosion and ultimately led to a new technology sector for economic growth.

By and large, browsers have normalized the core technology across mobile phones, tablets, desktops and TVs, creating a ubiquitous platform for designers and developers to build one system that can be ported across many experiences.

Our take: The browser is the new operating system.
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