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the Merian Centres network is growing stronger. Mecila is now opening its first Call for Applications for researchers all over the world.
Even though each Merian Centre develops its own research agenda, it is easy to find intertwinements among our themes. On this issue we also share some of the events taking place on the other Merians.
We are also pleased to welcome Afro, the new research group of the Brazilian Centre of Analysis and Planning. 

Mecila Team
. News . 
: Call for Applications • Senior and Junior Fellows
We are delighted to share our first call for applications for research positions at Mecila in 2020. The Centre will award 4 Junior Fellowships to candidates who have obtained a doctoral degree in humanities or social sciences within the last 5 years, and 5 Senior Fellowships for internationally recognized scholars who hold a permanent senior position at a university or research institution.

The scholarships will have a duration of 7 months and both positions are alocated at Mecila's hub in São Paulo. The monthly stipend is above average, covering local living costs.

Applicants should send the required documents no later than the 15th January 2020 via e-mail to the Coordination Office in São Paulo. All the requirements for the subscription are detailed on the full-texts of the calls linked above.
: Afro Research Group is launched at Cebrap
On November 4th, the Brazilian Centre of Analysis and Planning held the opening ceremony of Afro - Formation and Research Nucleus on Race, Gender and Racial Justice.

Having the racial thematic at the core of its agenda, Afro aims at strenghtening the production of knowledge, and also to qualify new researches and social actors, either from the public or private sectors. With the coordination of Márcia Lima, Sociologist and Professor at the University of São Paulo, the Centre is structured by three main areas: Culture and Idenitities; Discrimination and Inequalities; Politics and Rights. 

. Events . 

: Conference • History as a Weapon

Freie Universität Berlin, the coordinating institution of Mecila's consortium, is organizing the series of lectures "History as a Weapon" (Geschichte als Waffe), on how historical facts may be manipulated or reinterpreted  in favor of creating myths and conspirational theories.

The lectures are held in German and are livestreamed every Wednesday from 16:15 to 17:45 (Berlin time zone). The series has started on November 13th and will run until February 12th, 2020.

: Conference • Sustainability and the State in Africa
The Maria Sibylla Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa (MIASA) will hold the conference Sustainability and the State in Africa: How political rules shape conflicts and their resolution from November 23rd to 27th at the research centre Point Sud, in Bamako, Mali.

The event allows a wide exploration of the notion of sustainability in its many facets. How sustainability can be used to secure property rights, what values underlie the claims for sustainable social order, how capable are States to promote it, and how does the "doctrine of sustainability" takes shape in the social world are only some of the key questions addressed. 
: Workshop • Universities in Crisis or Crisis of the University?
The Maria Sibylla Merian Center for Advanced Latin American Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences (CALAS) will hold a workshop on the current crisis of universities. By analysing the modes of organization and knowledge-production of the 21st Century University, the workshop tries to bring some answers on how this institution can be re-contextualized in a global setting.

The event will take place at the University of Bielefeld, Germany, from November 28th to 29th, and the full programme is already available.
: Workshop • Youth Politics and Projects of Self-Making in the Global South
The Maria Sibylla Merian R. Tagore International Centre of Advanced Studies ‘Metamorphoses of the Political’ (ICAS:MP) will hold a workshop on the role of Global South youths in making politics (and being made by it) on our times. Organized in three main themes - the making of political subjectivities; arenas of contestation; and "extrapolitics" - the event aims simultaneously at the emergence and meaning of collective movements and organizations, and at new forms of individual agency.

The event will be held at the Institute of Economic Growth (IEG) in Delhi, India, from November 29th to 30th.

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: Newsletter Giro Latino
Keeping track of news about Latin America might get overwhelming sometimes, especially in intense periods such as the last months. But this is what the team of Giro Latino does best. This group of journalists sends their subscribers a summary of the main stories taking place in every Latin American Country every week. A thorough work of curatorship.

The newsletter is written in Portuguese, but every story comes with the link for the original publication. And inbetween the text you can also find a selection of some latinamerican music!
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