A Time Filled with Adventure!
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While Jen's Mach 4SL was being built up at her local shop she took advantage of the beautiful weather and miles of Ohio trail. Equipped with her trusty Pivot Vault and her Quaranteam, Jen set her sights on some pretty intense rides.

I Averaged More Mileage a Week Than Ever Before!

Splitting my year between cyclocross and mountain bike race seasons usually means that I have a compact base building period before jumping right into racing. With no races on the calendar, I have been working with my coach to get some solid base miles in -- upping my usual lower hourly training weeks closer to that of 18 and 20 hour weeks. Since my Pivot Mach 4SL is in the shop, I have been riding my Pivot Vault with a tubeless set up of Orange Seal and 37mm Kenda Boosters over just about any terrain I can find. My most epic weekend included a 65 mile night ride from Gambier, OH back to Columbus followed by an 86 mile gravel ride in 90 degrees with what I swear was 100% humidity! 

About that 86 mile ride...

While I was riding back home from Gambier, my riding partners were discussing if the ride was actually going to happen because I was currently still riding and "there was no way I would want to do an 86 mile ride in the same 24 hour block." To be honest, I am not sure if it was my legs feeling stronger from all the training or shear stubbornness, but the first thing I said when I walked in the door at 11:30 PM from my ride was, "get pumped guys, it's happening!" And it did. I've never done such big rides back-to-back and within that 24 hour time period I rode 150 miles and climbed over 10k feet!

Some Time off the Bike...

All of the awesome gravel had me itching for some trail time so I decided to ride our local trail on my Vault. The dirt was hero status and the Vault was rippin'. That was when I decided to ride the flow trail. After riding a feature, I went back to take a video. Unfortunately, I crashed. Not ideal. One mild concussion, 20+ stitches, a broken pinky finger, and a prescribed liquid diet later, here I am. 

Furs, Feathers, and Food

I am mid "Return to Sport" protocol and gradually getting back on the bike. The other day I was given the green light for trail riding just as my Pivot Mach 4SL was finished being built. The first thing I did was throw on some fresh Kenda Booster Pro tires before heading out to a local trail and fine tuning my fit. Dancing through corners and traversing slick roots reminded me how much I had missed the dirt! Even though I haven't been allowed to do much in the way of physical activity, I have been making the most of my time embracing all of my other passions and hobbies. Each morning, I take Narwhal out and we work on her chicken-herding practice before we go over to the tea trees and harvest leaves to be processed. I also have expanded my herbal tea garden to include hibiscus, lavender, chamomile, echinacea, and amaranth. Fun fact: I will be able to resume working on a table that I am building for my house. I am almost done with joining and planing all of the boards, which means a table is less than a month away!

I am grateful to have such an adventurous Quaranteam that loves bike adventures as much as I do. Once I am healed and ready, we will be planning a bike-packing weekend!
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