Taking It All "Day by Day"
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Although Mountain Bike Nationals was recently cancelled, Alli has put in some good training while learning more about herself, her equipment, and recovery.

Enjoying Training and Having a Routine

In training, I like to maintain a routine to help me get the most out of here I will share it with you! Usually it starts with my coach and I talking over our goals at the beginning of each year, each 4-week training block, and each week. The day before a workout, I like to briefly check into my TrainingPeaks account, which is the training platform I use to store all of my workouts and data. At that time, I usually just try to get an idea of what I need to do to prepare for the next day without stressing about it too much. The morning of the workout, I will eat breakfast and then check back into TrainingPeaks to write out and review my workout in detail. 

When I write-out my workouts, I like to use a sticky-note or index card (really anything lying around), add some colored pencils or highlighters to easily see what’s important, and then tape it to my top tube before getting dressed and heading out the door. To be even more specific, I like to write out the times that I need to start at and end each effort or I will bring a pencil in my pocket to check off the boxes as I go. If it’s something like a 30-second interval, I will either pick a spot on the road to go to (I find I can get the most out of myself doing this) and/or use a timer to keep myself on track. Timer-wise, I use a free app called IntervalTimer which allows me to customize the sounds and high/low phases of my efforts. I hear my teammates really like to download their workouts from TrainingPeaks onto their (mostly Wahoo Elemnt) GPS bike computers too which eliminates the need for paper and apps altogether. I'd love to hear what other people do for their intervals so feel free to write in and let me know! Now that some big events are cancelled, I can use this routine to write out a nice message to myself or outline a new goal for the day and get at it. :) Having a routine has helped me take everything "day by day"; I hope it can help you in some way too.  

Bike Tips from My Dad

Since Father's Day has recently passed, I had the opportunity to ride with and thank my dad for all of the great bike tips he has shared with me over the years. One tip in particular is: hose-off your helmet or take it in the shower with you. Doing so with my Lazer G1 Helmet has been perfect. All I do is just add a little soap and water, massage it in, and watch the sweat, salt, and sunscreen go down the drain. Hang it dry and you’re good to go. Doing this helps me keep my helmet clean and my forehead free from unnecessary break-outs. With a lot of hot and humid weather lately, I have been doing this every week or two. 

Rest Week Activities

This past week, I was actually without my Pivot fleet (Mach 4 SL and Vault) which my coach calls a “midseason break.” She told me to plan a vacation for myself, even if in COVID-19 times that means just laying out in the sun and reading a book. While I did read and catch some rays, I also had the opportunity to kayak, hike, and visit a farmer’s market with my family. We even made tea with fresh herbs that we found lining the fields of State College, PA, our vacation spot. To make tea with red clover (pictured top right), just pick its flower buds, rinse with water, steep for 10 mins, strain and enjoy. Always be careful with wild plants though—KS Kenda Women is not responsible for poisoning you! :)
I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time with and without the bike!
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