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This newsletter highlights some of the ways we have been working hard to create positive environments that still allow us to #GUFORIT in our everyday lives. We hope you find some good ideas from reading this!
Alli's Been Reading
Here are a couple of inspirational books that Alli is reading that offer new perspectives on mindfulness:
  • Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza describes how people can attract their goals. This book helps her visualize races and life events even when they are distant and uncertain. 
  • The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is simple: be impeccable with your word, don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions, and always do your best. This book helps Alli reduce stress while quarantine chaos brews at home. That way, she can really #guforit in my training!
Jen Likes to Move and Groove
One of her favorite activities (both from a social and mental well-being aspect) is to go to yoga with friends. Since she is unable to do that she and her roommate, Emily, are getting together once a week with two other friends and doing a virtual yoga session. Their studio, Blue Spot Yoga, has virtual classes that you can sign up for and following using the downloadable link. Marilyn, Tori, Emily, and Jen have a Zoom call with each other and sync when they start the recording.

Jen follows each session with a damp towel soaked in cool water and lavender oils and a big glass of water with a GU Electrolyte Hydration Drink Lemon Lime Tab. She and Emily spend time talking and catching up while drinking the hydration mix.
Emma's Spotify List for the Ladies
Emma has created a Lady Power List called "Hey Strong Ladies #GUforit" on Spotify. She listens to this while practicing Pilates in her at-home studio! Her Home Pilates routine includes Teaser, a Pilates move.
Make Your Paincave Enjoyable...and Tasty
With more workouts happening indoors, Nikki has made her Paincave a 'happy place'. She has a Wahoo Kickr, an energetic Spotify list, Zwift, and her favorite GU gel, Birthday Cake. Most of the team has chosen to participate in the weekly Voler races on Zwift so we can #sufferinplace as a community. The races are even announced by Dave Towle!
We hope everyone is doing well! We miss seeing everyone at the races and we are looking forward to making many more great memories with you all!
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