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Nikki spent most of June in Montana. A change of scenery and adventures with good friends, including Emma, was definitely a treat! She has also stayed busy off the bike with several projects lined up.

How Many Shuttle Routes Can Nikki and Emma Ride in Five Days?

When I decided to head up to Montana, I reached out to Emma, who lives in Bend, OR. The two of us made a plan to spend five days together in Missoula riding as much as possible around the Missoula area. Together we climbed nearly 20,000 feet, mostly on gravel roads with a lovely 4-5% grade (thank you Shimano for the huge spread of gears on the XTR M9100 drivetrain), in order to ride backcountry downhill trails with technical features and jaw-dropping views! To be honest, those days were the most normal life has felt in months. For a brief moment, my teammate and I were able to enjoy each other's company, share many laughs, and do what we both love to do the most--ride bikes and go downhill quickly. I cherish those days, but it definitely wasn't long enough!

The Women's Cycling Community is Amazing!

Over my five years of racing on the Pro Circuit (okay, technically this cancelled season would have been my fifth year), I have made some of the most incredible female friends. One of my closest friends is fellow Pivot rider, Rose Grant. After Emma left Missoula, I made the trek up to Columbia Falls to spend a few days with Rose and her beautiful daughter, Layla. We met up with Pro Gravel racer Jess Cerra and rode a multi-surface 85-mile loop on our trusty Pivot Vaults around and through Glacier National Park. The color of the water was absolutely amazing! After the ride, Rose, Layla, my pup Fischer, and I packed up and met Rose's mom at Lake Tally for two days of camping. It was really nice to spend time with Rose and her family away from the race course. I feel really fortunate to have such great female friends in my life.

This Hour Has 42 Minutes!

Girls Gone Gravel p/b ProKit, "This Hour Has 42 Minutes!"
On July 3rd, I teamed up with my friend Kim to present a webinar called, "This Hour Has 42 Minutes." The series is promoted by ProKit and Laura King is leading the discussions!

Kim and I met in the lovely state of Vermont in 2017 when my boyfriend, Nic, and I stayed with Kim, her husband Ben, and their son Nico for a ProXCT Mountain Bike race. Kim and I bonded over homemade pizza about our passion to get more women on bikes, and have since kept in touch through phone calls, text messages, and social media. Whether it’s talking about research articles on women’s participation in sport, the highs and lows of training, the funny things that Kim’s children say/do, or delicious food, we often have colorful conversations that are also entertaining! We are also both very busy women.

In this talk, we share the challenges we have as we balance all of our passions and identities, as well as strategies we use to help navigate the push and pull of competing responsibilities. Though our families and careers differ, we found many similarities in challenges and strategies!

Welcome to the Advisory Board for CAMTB!

My full-time job is with the SoCal Chapter of NICA as the Program Coordinator. As a federal non-profit that is aimed at youth development, Trail Advocacy is a top priority in our league. In fact, the SoCal League created the Teen Trail Corps program, a now-National program that teaches coaches and student-athletes how to create lasting relationships with trail advocacy groups as well as with local, county, and statewide political entities.

CAMTB was officially created as a 504c non-profit in October of 2019 and was launched January 1, 2020. Essentially, the top tiers of leadership regarding mountain bike advocacy in the state of California came together to have one voice for advocacy. It's pretty rad!

Last week, I was inducted to the Advisory Board for CAMTB as a liaison for SoCal NICA. I am really excited for this opportunity to learn and grow! It's no secret that I love cycling and encouraging others to become passionate about mountain biking. Now I will also be able to learn about the advocacy and political aspects to contribute to having fair access to the outdoors so that we can all share our passion for mountain biking!
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We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time with and without the bike!
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