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2021 National Civic Leadership Forum

2021 NCLF Countdown - 5 days to our event

As the clock is ticking, we are inching closer to the NCLF conference scheduled for next Friday Sept 24 (5 pm- 7:30 pm) and Sat Sept 25 (11 am – 6:30 pm). The conference has an opening and a closing ceremony along with 3 keynote sessions, one AAPI Hub project presentation, and 8 breakout sessions. The theme of the conference is on the overarching concept of Unity. It is an opportune time to discuss Unity as our country gets more polarized and the number of Asian Americans is increasing at a very fast rate.

We will be introducing our different breakout sessions with our entertainment previews each day as we count down towards the conference.  There is no public link for the conference. All participants are required to register for this FREE event.
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Unity Through Communication - AAPI in Media and Entertainment - 

Against the backdrop of Anti-Asian violence and political rhetoric, we have seen deeply significant gains in the past year, from an increased focus in the political scene, to entertainment and blockbuster content led by Asian Americans. In this session, our panelists will share how we can leverage media and entertainment to unify our narrative.

Unity Through Intersectionality - Shattering the Bamboo Ceiling

Asians and Pacific Islanders are over 40 ethnicities and have been marginalized, dismissed, and stereotyped. We have experienced racism in one form or another, whether it be physically or verbally, micro and macro aggressions, professionally or career wise, and ridiculed for our appearances and languages. We have had to overcome these stereotypes and racism to achieve financial, career, family, emotional and spiritual success. We will be telling our lived experiences through an intersectionality lens in overcoming these barriers with grit, determination, tenacity, fortitude, courage, perseverance, uncompromising our values, and strong voices.

Music Eraces All Racial And Cultural Boundaries

You are going to enjoy music and dance in an hour-long entertainment segment after the closing ceremony on Saturday, September 25, 2021. We are delighted to share a small part of what is planned. As the count down begins you will get more in smaller segments every day:

Twenty-five-member symphony – join the conference to enjoy entertainment. This is only a part of the entertainment.

Enjoy the lovely symphonic music by the Minnesota Sinfonia Orchestra playing Mozart Symphony N0. 41, "Jupiter" Movement IV, allegro molto with visual treat prepared by Mr. George Werl.

A well-known Sarod player, Stephen Day, trained by world-class Musician Ali Amjad Khan will share Sarod in the conference.

Stephen Day, Sarod player, singer/songwriter and composer Stephen Day creates inspirational journeys inspired by his many musical adventures around the world. Stephen just released an album of Indian Classical Ragas for Sarod and Tablas which he performs in his new show entitled ‘Awakenings’ featuring Stephen Day & Friends. 

Founder, creative director of Nritayaki Dance School of Kathak, Shweta Misra will share the art of traditional dance from India on Saturday, September 25, 2021.

Shweta Misra is performing Tandava, a hugely popular dance form, it is believed to have been performed by Shiva, the God who is known as sustainer, preserver of the universe, and also the destroyer of all that is evil and needs to be eliminated. Indian dances recreate mythological stories.
There are two different forms of Tandava - the Rudra Tandava and the Ananda Tandava. This traditional dance will be Performed by Shweta Misra, a dance teacher, former Mrs. Washington DC, has taught this classical dance form to many students for several years.

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