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Bill C-21 Business Update

Our entire industry has a large number of concerns and questions about this very vague Bill C-21 and the regulations announced on Monday.

CSAAA is determined to get answers for its members as soon as possible, so we can offer guidance and form a strong plan moving forward.

CSAAA had a meeting with Public Safety and CFP this morning.

Here is what we can offer so far:

  • At this moment, CBSA has not been instructed to halt or delay imports while this law is being debated by Parliament.

  • There are currently no regulations or clarification other than the Minister’s Mandate Letter and what is currently available publicly.
    Click here for more information). We have contacted the Library of Parliament to obtain these regulations as soon as possible.

  • Transfers that have already been initiated once this “freeze” comes into force, will still be processed as usual. Transfers already initiated will not be denied due to the “freeze”.

We asked: if a firearm has been purchased, but the transfer is not yet initiated will it still be eligible for transfer if/when these regulations come into force?
CFP was unable to answer this question and will get back to us with answers as soon as they can.

  • We informed CFP that our businesses are dealing with extreme issues with the Business Web Portal and call-in center. This has been noted and the technical team will work to make these services more reliable.

  • The regulatory framework of Bill C-21 deems air guns that replicate or resemble a firearm by near precision will be prohibited.
    This is very vague, so we asked what exactly they meant by “likeness” or “replica”. These standards are currently set by CBSA when the firearm is imported.

  • Details and clarification were requested on the update for regulations on cartridge magazine capacity limits, and if non-detachable or rimfire magazines would be exempt.
    CFP and Public Safety were unable to offer any more information or clarity than what is currently posted.

  • Our industry must manufacture and order inventory well in advance. In the Minister’s announcement on Monday, it was verbally mentioned that a list of firearms will be added to the May 1st OIC. CSAAA requested a list of these firearms or at least an idea as to what type of firearms will be added so we can prepare our industry.
    CSAAA was informed that no information was available on this topic, other than that brief and vague announcement made on Monday. We were unable to get any hint as to what might be added to the OIC.

  • Clarity on “advancing secure storage” and “updating firearms markings” was requested.
    No information was available, as the regulations are not available at this time.


We truly wish we had more information to offer at this time, as these laws directly and drastically impact our members and a broad spectrum of Canadian businesses. CSAAA understands the importance of strong action during these times, and we will be offering more clarity and information as soon as we possibly can.