March 2020 (Volume 2, Issue 3)
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Transfiguration For Life Newsletter

March 2020

Supreme Court currently Hearing Case Requiring Abortionists to Have Hospital Privileges 

The US Supreme Court is currently considering the case of June Medical Services v. Gee, which involves the requirment for abortionists to have hospital priviledges. Success with this case would open the door for a host of new abortion restrictions across the country. A decision is expected later in the year. Read Full Article Here.

Related: Chuck Schumer threatens Supreme Court Justices.
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) warned that the Supreme Court's two newest Republican-appointed associate justices will "pay the price" if they rule on a high-profile abortion case in a way that abortion proponents don't like. Read more

Women Deserve the Truth' About Abortion: Loeffler, Blackburn Introduce 'Woman's Right to Know Act'
On Wednesday, Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) and Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) introduced legislation that would require abortion providers to inform expectant mothers of the medical risks of an abortion, as well as the gestational age of the unborn child, and its development features.  Read More

Vulnerable Child Protection Act (HB 1060) Introduced in Georgia Legislature
In Georgia surgeries are done and chemicals given to children that harm their bodies, remove their ability to have their own children, and inflict permanent bodily conflict on these young ones. 

Authored by Rep Ginny Ehrhart, HP 1060 would prevent and therefore protect vulnerasble children from:

  • Performing any surgery that sterilizes children with healthy reproductive systems, including, but not limited to, castration, vasectomy, hysterectomy, oophorectomy, metoidioplasty, orchiectomy, penectomy, phalloplasty, or vaginoplasty
  • Performing a mastectomy
  • Removing any otherwise healthy or non-diseased body part or tissue
  • Administering or supplying medications that induce transient or permanent infertility, including, but not limited to: Puberty-blocking medication to stop or delay normal puberty; Supraphysiologic doses of testosterone to females; or Supraphysiologic doses of estrogen to males.
TAKE ACTION NOW. Your representative needs to hear from you. They are under immense pressure to oppose this pro-children bill or to punt on the issue entirely. Should they do so, they will allow more lives to be destroyed in our state – on their watch – denying children the ability to have children and enjoy a healthy life. 

Source: Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

Action Taken in Senate on the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” and the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act”
Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” (S. 3275) and the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” (S. 311) Sponsored in Congress.

The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act contains an explicit requirement that a baby born alive during an abortion must be afforded “the same degree” of care that would apply “to any other child born alive at the same gestational age,” including transportation to a hospital. This language does not dictate bona fide medical judgments nor require futile measures, but rather, requires that babies born alive during abortions are treated in the same manner as those who are spontaneously born prematurely.
Source:  NLR News February 14, 2020

Unfortunately, The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act Stopped in the Senate as 41 Democratic senators successfully filibustered the Born-Alive Act.

New Proposal Would Let Women Get an Abortion without Seeing Ultrasound
As it stands, a woman in Georgia seeking an abortion needs to certify that she's seen informational materials as well as an ultrasound. But HB 746, which is in its second reading, could change that.

The proposed legislation known as the Woman's Right to Immediate Access Act would eliminate that requirement

Archdiocese Urges Support for Legislation to Repeal the Death Penalty 
The archdiocese is asking all parishes to support GA Houjse Bill 702 to repeal the dealth penalty which would change the law to allow life without parole as an alternative.

Open House This Weekend - Atlanta Morning Center

The Morning Center is a ministry launched by Samaritan Ministries Intermational in 2011 out of love for mothers and their newborns. The Morning Center provides prenatal through postpartum care to moms in need, in the name of Jesus, at no charge. The Morning Center hopes to be an outlet that curbs the growing number of abortions and abortion providers in America.

There will be an open house this weekend on
Sunday, March 8 from 2:00 PM to 6PM at:
Crossroads Church of Dunwoody
4805 Tilly Mill Rd
Dunwoody, GA. 30360

Click Here for More Information

Study in prestigious medical journal makes a strong case that unborn babies are capable of experiencing pain
Chipping away at earlier conclusions

By Dave Andrusko

Support for the position that unborn babies can experience pain by the 20th week after fertilization and “something like pain” much earlier, has come from a very unexpected source. One of the joint authors of “Reconsidering fetal pain” is Stuart Derbyshire, who is firmly ensconced in the “prochoice” camp. As the Daily Mail wrote in its coverage of the study, which appeared in the Journal of Medical Ethics, ”The controversial article has been authored British professor Stuart Derbyshire, who has written back in 2006 in the British Medical Journal that the practice of not talking to women seeking abortions about fetal pain was ‘sound policy based on good evidence that fetuses cannot experience pain.’” That is no longer Prof. Derbyshire’s position. He is still pro-abortion and his “solution” to the mounting evidence that the unborn child can feel pain is “to consider some form of fetal analgesia during later abortion.” But to move forward without raising the real possibility that the unborn child could experience pain while being killed “flirts with a moral recklessness that we are motivated to avoid.” Prof. Derbyshire and colleague John Bockmann begin with the “consensus” that fetal pain could not be experienced before 24 weeks. Then, to their credit, they write, “Arguably, there never was a consensus that fetal pain is not possible before 24 weeks. Many papers discussing fetal pain have speculated a lower limit for fetal pain under 20 weeks’ gestation. … Regardless of whether there ever was a consensus, however, it is now clear that the consensus is no longer tenable.”

Chipping away at easrlier conclusions

National Right to Life News Feb 2020  by Dave Andrusko

Embrace Ministries to Host Training March 14th

All Embrace ( provides assistance to families that have lost a baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death within the first few months after birth.

Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Flowery Branch, GA is hosting a training for Embrace Ministries. In case you are not familiar with it ,  It’s a ministry that was started and used to be a part of the Arch. of Atlanta and then went off on its own. Their goal is assist families that have lost a baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death within the first few months after birth.

The training is all day from 9:30am-4pm at Prince of Peace Catholic Church (6439 Spout Springs Rd, Flowery Branch, GA 30542) on Saturday March 14th.

All Respect Life Ministry members or interested persons are invited to come. The fee is $40 and includes the trainer, the materials, and lunch. 

Those that are interested can register at 

What to expect when praying in front of an abortion clinic

Wondering what it’s like to pray at an Abortion clinic?  Learn how important it is from experienced pro-lifers.

Each month an individual or pro life organization is featured in the newsletter, allowing our readers to learn more about the local and national movement. We encourage you to click on their links below for more information about their contribution to the prolife effort:  

Featured Pro Life Advocate

Blessed Marianna Biernacka (1888-1943) was a Polish farm wife in World War II. When her son and his pregnant wife were arbitrarily chosen for execution, Marianna begged to take the place of her daughter-in-law so that the baby might live. Clutching her rosary, Marianna was killed; her daughter-in-law lived to be 98.  Full Story Here

Featured Pro Life Book

Fatherhood Aborted by Guy Condon and David Hazard

Men are often overlooked when we discuss the lasting effects of abortion. We are told by society that this is a woman’s issue and men need to stay out of it. This line of thinking has left a great deal of damage in its wake. Condon and Hazzard courageously stepped into unchartered territory with this book and gave voice to hundreds of thousands of men that are hurting for the choice they made, the money they spent, or the ride they provided. Abortion is not just a woman’s issue, but affects men as well.  This book will open your eyes to the silent hurting of many of our brothers.  

Source: CareNet 
For free copy

Featured Pro Life Organization  

Heroic Media

Heroic Media enables pro-life individuals to sponsor Google advertisements that compete against ads from Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities.
Heroic Media’s ads redirect women away from abortion facilities, connecting them, instead, to pro-life pregnancy help centers Heroic Media qualifies, carefully selects and trains to receive phone calls from abortion-minded women. The organization is keenly aware that, far too often, women choose abortion simply because they don’t know that caring, capable help is available at a nearby pregnancy help center.

By being present online, Heroic Media has helped its pro-life benefactors reach hundreds of thousands of women facing unexpected pregnancies, connect those women with the help they need at pregnancy help centers, resulting in thousands of women changing their minds about getting an abortion, instead choosing life for their preborn babies. 


Abortion Was the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2019, Killing 42 Million People

A heartbreaking reminder about the prevalence of abortion, compiled by Worldometers indicate that there were over 42.3 million abortions world-wide in 2019. The independent site collects data from governments and other reputable organizations and then reports the data, along with estimates and projections, based on those numbers.
When contrasting the abortion numbers to other causes of death, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, traffic accidents and suicide, abortions far outnumbered every other cause.”

Read More Here
Here is some information available from the Archdiocese of Atlanta Respect Life Ministry:
  • If you are dealing with end of life issues, click here.


Archdiocese of Atlanta
Source: USSCB Word of Life
Prayer for the Unborn

Almighty God, our Father in heaven,
We praise You as Creator of heaven and earth, the Maker of every living thing.

We worship You as those whom You have redeemed by the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We thank you for this company of believers, and for a new year in which to serve and glorify You.

We pray, Father, that we would know the meaning of ‘being in the world, but not of it’ and that we’d live to please You in all things.

We pray, Lord, that Your people would see what love and justice demand of us regarding the sanctity of life, and the defeat of abortion in our land.

Protect every unborn child we pray!

Stir Your people to lives of action and deeds of compassion.

To that end, give us a fuller measure of Your Holy Spirit we ask.
In all things, Lord, keep us faithful to Your Word, and in step with Your Spirit.
In Jesus’ name we pray,


One of the best things you can do to support our efforts is to contact your elected officials. And the easiest and best way to do that is through their web sites or email. See how in the instructions below:
Contact Governor Brian Kemp: Click the link to be taken to a web site where you can send your comments to the Governor.

Contact your State Senator or Representative:  This link opens a website that finds your state representatives based on your address:
  • Click the link above.
  • When the page opens enter your address and click "Search by Address"
  • It should return a list of state representatives for your address.
  • If you click on any of the names listed, you will be taken to a page that shows their email address, phone number and other information. 
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  • Thursdays During Lent from 12 to 1 PM. Prayer vigil for the unborn.
  • Friday's at 8-11 AM, On Going Prayer Vigil, Feminist Women's Clinic, 1924 Cliff Valley Road NE, Atlanta GA 30329.
  • March 2020- Baby Bottle Boomerang Continues (Benefits Hope Center).
  • 3/10 7PM - Presentation - Get the facts on Abortion.
  • 4/6 - Speaker Catherine Davis
  • Rachel's Vineyard Retreat Dates 2020
    June 12-14
    October 16-18
  • January, 2021 - March for Life Washington D.C. We are trying to determine the level of interest in Transfiguration families for going to DC for the March for Life in January 2021. If interested in learning more contact Peggy Desiderio at
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