December 2019 (Volume 1, Issue 9)
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Transfiguration For Life Newsletter

December 2019

Pregnancy Aid Center (PAC) Shares Success Story.

The Atlanta based Pregnancy Aid Center recently provided an example of their work in  supporting women in need:

Client V came to us in such a storm. She was struggling with domestic violence in her home and keeping her children safe. The abuse she suffered had resulted in an unplanned pregnancy. Her PAC Advocate took her through all of her options. When she learned about the modern adoption processes, she smiled and felt that adoption was the best route for her situation and unborn baby. We are so proud of her choice. Please pray for this brave mom and her journey in placing her child and success in rising out of her domestic situation. Pray the child is placed in a loving Christ-filled home. Thank you, God, for sending your Holy Spirit down on PAC and giving her Advocate the right words to fill her heart with comfort and confidence in her decision.

The Pregnancy Aid Center can use your help in support of their important mission. To learn more about their work visit

GA Tech Student Revives Campus ProLife Movement

Brian Cochran, a senior at Georgia Tech, has taken on the struggle to resurrect the dwindling Life movement on campus. Upon arrival Brian found out that most past members had graduated.  After working diligently the group swelled from a few to over a hundred.  The main goal of Students for Life is to help students who become unexpectedly pregnant connect with Federally Qualified Healthcare Providers and the Birthright Resource Center in Chamblee, where its members volunteer.
Cochran has since stepped up his efforts, holding Student for Life-sponsored awareness events across campus, educating people about where their tax dollars go, and volunteering at pregnancy resource centers that help expectant mothers find jobs and other resources and, among other things, offer classes on how to be a mom.

In September, Students for Life hosted Alveda King, niece of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and well-known anti-abortion crusader, who has publicly acknowledged having two abortions and believes science has proved that the babies in the wombs are human beings. (READ MORE)

Declaration Against Euthanasia

Leaders from Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim Faiths Sign Declaration Against Euthanasia

On March 28th, representatives from the Catholic and Orthodox churches and the Muslim and Jewish faiths signed a joint declaration at the Vatican reaffirming each religion’s clear opposition to euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.

They also encouraged promoting palliative care so that dying patients could receive the best, most comprehensive physical, emotional, social, religious and spiritual care and appropriate support for their families, according to the joint statement. (READ MORE)

December's Featured Pro Life Organization
Each month a pro life organization is featured in the newsletter, allowing our readers to learn more about the local and national movement. We encourage you to click on their links below for more information about their contribution to the prolife effort:  

“Activating the Church to End Abortion”

Priests for Life refers to a very specific effort to galvanize the clergy to preach, teach, and mobilize their people more effectively in the effort to end abortion and euthanasia.

On another level, Priests for Life represents a family of ministries that reach and enrich every aspect of the pro-life movement, for clergy and laity alike, in a wide variety of activities. As they say “This has come to pass precisely because priests are not ordained for themselves, but for the people. So in activating clergy, we are activating all the segments of the Church, the pro-life movement, and the wider society in the defense of life.“

The organization Priests for Life organizes and helps to lead a number of events associated with the annual March for Life in Washington and Walk for Life West Coast -- including the Planned Parenthood Protest, the National Prayer Service, the Youth Rally and the Silent No More Gatherings


Priests for Life Call to Prayer to End Abortion 

Lord God, I thank you today for the gift of my life,
And for the lives of all my brothers and sisters.
I know there is nothing that destroys more life than abortion,

Yet I rejoice that you have conquered death
by the Resurrection of Your Son.
I am ready to do my part in ending abortion.
Today I commit myself
Never to be silent,
Never to be passive,
Never to be forgetful of the unborn.
I commit myself to be active in the pro-life movement,
And never to stop defending life
Until all my brothers and sisters are protected,
And our nation once again becomes
A nation with liberty and justice
Not jut for some, but for all,
Through Christ our Lord. Amen!

            From Priests for LIfe

For more information visit:

Georgia Death Row Inmate Loses Battle

An inmate, Ray Jefferson Cromartie, convicted of killing a Georgia convenience store clerk 25 years ago was put to death. The state said Cromartie had also shot and gravely wounded another convenience store clerk days before the killing.

The defense lawyers had also recently asked state and federal courts to allow DNA testing of evidence collected from the shootings that they say could prove he wasn't the shooter. The state countered that the DNA evidence being sought couldn't prove his innocence. Even the victim’s daughter had supported a DNA test. Negative reaction to the execution extended overseas. (READ MORE)
Here is some information coming from the Archdiocese office of Life, Dignity, and Justice.
Week by Week Intercessions for Life

December 1st  (First Sunday of Advent)
For all the faithful: May the Lord help us build a culture of life in vigilant expectation of His return; We pray to the Lord.
December 8th  (Second Sunday of Advent)
May God move us to act with tenderness and compassion for the most vulnerable among us;  We pray to the Lord:

December 9th (Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
For women facing an unexpected pregnancy: May they be filled with trust in God’s providence and lovingly welcome the gift of their child; We pray to the Lord:

December 15th (Third Sunday of Advent)
For all who have lost a loved one:As we prepare for the coming of Christ, may they find peace in the hope of eternal life; We pray to the Lord:

December 22nd (Fourth Sunday of Advent)
For all fathers awaiting the births of their children: May they look to Saint Joseph and follow his example of cherishing and protecting the Holy Family; We pray to the Lord:
December 25th (The Nativity of the Lord (Christmas))
For all Christians: That the wondrous birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ will awaken our hearts to the priceless gift of every child; We pray to the Lord:
December 29th (Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph)
For all families: That, with great faith, they will joyfully respond to all that God asks of them, and be given the strength to always persevere in love; We pray to the Lord:
Other News:
  • Diocese of Atlanta provides Advanced Directive for Health Care. A true respect for life involves recognition of human dignity at every stage of life. The Diocese of Atlanta offers an Advanced Directive which is compliant with church teachings. Click Here to download your copy.  Note: If your browser doesn't open the file, check your downloads directory.
One of the best things you can do to support our efforts is to contact your elected officials. And the easiest and best way to do that is through their web sites or email. See how in the instructions below:
Contact Governor Brian Kemp: Click the link to be taken to a web site where you can send your comments to the Governor.

Contact your State Senator or Representative:  This link opens a website that finds your state representatives based on your address:
  • Click the link above.
  • When the page opens enter your address and click "Search by Address"
  • It should return a list of state representatives for your address.
  • If you click on any of the names listed, you will be taken to a page that shows their email address, phone number and other information. 
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  • Friday's at 8-11 AM, On Going Prayer Vigil, Feminist Women's Clinic, 1924 Cliff Valley Road NE, Atlanta GA 30329.
  • 12/9/2019 - Next RFL Meeting at Transfiguration Catholic Church, 7:30 PM, Rm 113.
  • 12/14/2019 - Pro Life Christmas Caroling.
  • 1/05/2019 - Respect Life Teen Night.
  • 01/16/2020 - Transfiguration Mass For The Unborn.
  • 01/22/2020 - Archdiocesan Mass for the Unborn and Youth Rally.
  • 01/24/2020 - March for Life 2020 (Washington DC). The next March For Life will be held in Washington DC on Jan 24, 2020. Show your support – Come along with us to DC.  We are organizing a bus trip for Transfiguration or jointly with another parish. Keep watching this newsletter for the latest details. Click here for more info.
  • 1/25-26/2019 - Annual Rose Procession.
  • Rachel's Vineyard Retreat Dates 2020
    February 14-26
    June 12-14
    October 16-18
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