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The Voice for April 15

He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!

What a joy to be "together" in this celebration of the Resurrection, and the beginning of the Great 50 Days to Pentecost!  I hope you were able to connect with us for the Easter worship video viewing at our Zoom gathering on Sunday, or have looked it up since on our YouTube Channel: North Eaton Christian Church.  There, you will also find a wonderful gift to the whole church, produced by Miki Saito, in a lovely collection of 50 Minutes of Beautiful Hymns and meditations.  This music, the worship service from Easter, and any of our videos, will be made available to any of you who are not on the internet over the coming days.  We can provide it to you on audio CD or DVD.  You can always request them in advance by reply to this news or by calling the church office at 440-748-2230.

I look forward to staying connected by any means possible. As worship and other occasions are scheduled or released, they will appear on our Facebook public page:   Please share that news with others who may enjoy it, since that page may be viewed by anyone at any time, regardless of whether they are Facebook users or not. It's a good way to invite your neighbors to come to church--even in their jammies!

For this coming Sunday, we will gather at 9 a.m. on Sunday on Zoom, with our usual coffee hour following Sunday's worship. You are welcome to join me there (see new info on using Zoom below).

I hope you'll remember a few important things that are still happening at NECC:

  • Pastoral ministry is still be provided by the Elders and by me, even at a distance.  We want to hear from you and be as available as the situation allows.  Please, stay in touch!
  • We are still doing all we can to provide for the needs of our church and community, especially as folks are dealing with unemployment and other financial strains. We need you to help us know of such needs, and to continue to support the work of compassionate care.  A confidential call to me can help get things rolling.
  • As time apart grows longer, the ministries and mission of the church goes on.  Please remember that your stewardship commitment was to God, not the budget of NECC.  But we depend on your fulfillment of those commitments to the best of your abilities.  Please contact Carol Wilson, our Financial Secretary, or me if you find yourself in a bind right now. You are not alone in such a situation.  Knowing in advance will be of great help in our care for you and for the church. 
  • Remember you can make your regular contributions by mail, on our website using your bank account or bank card, or by the Bill-Pay system offered by your bank. We give thanks that God has called us to a life of Christian stewardship and mutual care!

As we continue to love and labor together, reaching toward that new beginning which we fully trust God to be preparing for us, I hope you will keep your leaders, staff, and friends around the church in your prayers.  We must look to the one who is going before us into the mission that is being laid in our path.  Thanks be to God for the abiding presence of Christ!

With Love and Blessings, 

Rev. David T. Chafin

P. S.  I hope you'll call or Zoom in for one of our Wednesday chat sessions at 10 or 7 each week!

Community Food Ministries
In addition to our efforts to assist those who are in need of assistance with food through the work of our Food Pantry, our coordinator, Barb Galvin, is helping us connect with others through the Helping Hands Food Pantry's distributions this coming Saturday, April 18, and on May 2.  We have provided items from our pantry, and funds from our designated gifts for that purpose.  If you want to further assist this ministry to the Grafton and Eaton Twp community, please consider designating a portion of your offering to go to the pantry this week, when you go to our giving page or write your check to the church. 
A Word of Love from Across the Miles...
I just want to thank all of you. To be in touch with my church family is a true blessing from the Lord. I pray for all of you every night.

Since I’m only allowed to drive seven miles from my home because of the meds I take, my doctor has limited me. My Bible Study group is close by as well as the church I attend. I live with the Nazarenes but my heart is in NECC.

Any time some one, two, or three or four want to take a trip down here, I would love to see one and all. Arby’s, Perkins, Grandpa’s Cheese Barn are closed, as well as Denny’s and Applebee's. Nice weather is right around the corner and here I’ll be. 

Everyone, take care. We will all be together one day.

With love to all,
Nancy Yost
A great place for a free guided time of meditation that may help your more anxious moments be more livable.  Listen at
The podiatry clinic scheduled for Monday, April 20 is still scheduled in Fellowship Hall. The doctor assures us that she wears a mask and takes all necessary precautions in preventing contact between patients and with staff.

Using Zoom and Other Ways to Connect

The listed times for scheduled online call-in/Zoom-in conversations and worship are readily available to you.  It’s simple from any telephone or computer.  Anyone can do this! Just note that Zoom now requires a password to protect our meetings.  Please enter 35895 (our church street address) as password, unless a different one is given to you for a meeting.  This applies to the open chat times as well as worship and our virtual coffee hour.

We know that not all scheduled times work for everyone.  You may be one of those who needs another time to connect either publicly or privately.  You can reach me directly on my cell phone at 878-379-4458.  We can talk privately about anything you wish, or can schedule another time for open community chat. 
Our Bridge to Gathering
Simple Steps:
Here's what you do when a gathering or meeting is announced:

1. Write down this Meeting ID number:  302 471 0967.  Most posts will have a link directly to that meeting number, but if you don't have access to it, that's the only thing you'll need to remember.

2. You will be asked for a password to get in.  For our worship and coffee hour times, and mid-week check-ups the password is 35895.

3. Invite your friends to join you, either by phone or online at

4. To join us by telephone--your land line or cell--simply dial 301-715-8592 or 253-215-8782, and when prompted, enter the 
meeting ID (302 471 0967) and password.

5. If you are working from a smart phone, yup, there's an app for that to simplify your experience.  Check your app store at Google or Apple for the Zoom app.  If you have an emailed link to the meeting, you can just click to go to it.  If not, just enter the meeting ID (302 471 0967) and password.

6. If you're working from your smart phone or computer's internet browser, go to, where you'll see a button to "join meeting". Click it and enter the meeting ID (302 471 0967) and password.

7. If you arrive early, you'll be in the dungeon called "the waiting room." Don't panic if the meeting doesn't start on time.  Only we can push the button that makes it happen and frees you from your solitude!

8. If/when you get bored or need to move on, you can pretend to be there (using a well-crafted cardboard cutout or manequin of yourself, or mute your phone or video, or just say goodbye. Be ready to be virtually hugged on your way out the door.

Zoom offers a new way for us to have conversation time together.  You can just phone in to listen and speak, or go online from your computer or smart phone with the app, and see and be seen as well.  Send an email to or call him at 878-379-4458 if you're interested in joining in but have questions.
Your Giving Matters!
During these days of separation, please remember that the church continues its vital ministries and missional commitments.
You are encouraged to use our online giving page,
or to
mail your tithes and offerings on your normal schedule of giving to: 
North Eaton Christian Church
35895 Royalton Rd.
Grafton, OH 44044

As always, your giving will be handled confidentially and with great gratitude.
God bless you for the gifts that God has given and that you have shared
as faithful and responsible stewards!

UPDATED: Current Closures...

In consultation with the Elders and staff of our church, who have acted with confidence in God's provisions for us all, the following protocols are being observed...

  • Worship in Our Sanctuary will be suspended at least until further notice.  We will advise you long before that of plans for how that gathering may happen, should the case require us to deviate from our "good old normal" church life.  
  • Weddings, Funerals, and other events of religious importance will need to take place outside the church.  Currently, we are in prayer for 2 families whose celebrations of loved ones' lives are postponed indefinitely because of COVID-19, and the pastor is not making himself available for anything of that nature that is indoors.  Contact him for further discussion of anything upcoming during the present health crisis.
  • Meetings face-to-face are only by urgent necessity to continue the operation of the facility and will follow the guidance of the CDC for such occasions when they occur.
  • Office Hours will continue (9 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays) for the time being, but please call ahead before dropping in to be certain someone is there to receive you.  Those who need to be in the building are asked to take proper "social distancing" precautions while there, and to advise us of any concerns they observe regarding sanitation or other needs as they arise.
  • Pastoral Ministry will continue unabated, with consideration of the health of all involved, case by case.  Persons who have a pastoral need are asked to call the pastor directly at 878-379-4458, even if a message is being left at the church.
Do you need help with basic needs at this time?
Our Food Pantry is stocked,
and we have able bodies who can help with basic resources upon request.

Please call the church at 440-748-2230 (9 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays)
or Pastor David at 878-379-4458 (at any hour).
Copyright © 2020 North Eaton Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), All rights reserved.

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