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A Few Important Reminders...

Much of our lives are in a state of flux these days.  We cannot yet predict when or how things will begin to change toward the "new normal" that we look forward to. Yet our God is with us, and we are called in these challenging times to hold together.  Our church leaders and staff are working hard to make that possible, but YOU have a part to play in it as well.  That's the purpose of today's mailing.  Next week, a more complete Voice will come your way.  

I trust you'll read this with care, and take your place among us to your best ability.  We are here to help you in that process.  Keep me on speed-dial: 878-379-4458.  

Every Blessing!
Pastor David

We are having some challenges delivering worship online, but each week we learn more. Here is the plan for this week: May 3:
  • Worship will be offered as a YouTube Premiere video at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning.  Our Facebook Page (neccdisciples) will have a post on Saturday night indicating that, and you can click on it to get a reminder of the 9 a.m. opening.  We will watch the video together (and if you can't start at 9, just tune in any time after that to see it from the beginning).
  • During the video, you can chat with friends on the YouTube page.  I promise, it's easy.  Just click on that link from Facebook and you'll be on the premiere page on YouTube.  If you have the YouTube app, feel free to like our NECC channel and share it with your friends.  We love to have people making use of this wonderful resource!
  • After worship ends, we will enjoy our Virtual Coffee Hour chat time together, as before on Zoom.  Join us any time by dialing in, or by following the link to Zoom that will be on our Facebook page to join us by video, so we can see each others' faces.  The coffee hour will be open from about 9:30 to 10:30.
We realize this is not "the ideal" for how to do worship together, and we welcome your suggestions. A consultation is taking place to see just how much we are able to improve our online delivery, because we believe that it will always be an important part of our life as church, going forward.  Thank you for  your patience!
If this describes you, there are a couple of very simple solutions that we'd like you to consider.

If you have internet connection by computer or a smart phone:
  1. Always ask a kid!  If there is a safe way that someone in your family can be with you, or talk you through the process, you can easily find your way to both our Facebook and connect with us on Zoom.  I repeat:  You do NOT have to be a Facebook user to use our Facebook page.  It is there for the public, just like our website.  If your family member needs coached in connecting you with either Facebook or Zoom, go to #2.
  2. Call us!  It's really that simple.  Call the pastor at 878-379-4458.  We can arrange to talk you or a friend or family member through the process. We just need to plan a time to do that.  If you are not ill and are comfortable with a masked person coming into your home to help you with the process, that can be arranged.  
  3. Don't feel foolish!  A lot of us are struggling these days to make connections, and a lot of us do not spend hours a day working with technology.  Use the help of people who want to help.  Just make the call.  
If you do not use internet or smart phone:
  1. All of our Zoom gatherings are accessible by plain old telephone.  You can't see us, but you can hear us and talk to us.  It's not as much fun as being "face to face," so to speak, but it's better than being left out...or leaving US out!  We want you to be with us.  See #2.
  2. It's easy as pie!  At the appointed time, pick up your phone and dial in either of these numbers (if one doesn't work, try the other one): 301-715-8592 or 253-215-8782.
  •  You'll be asked for a meeting number:  302-471-0967
  • If asked for a pass code: 35895
  • Don't panic if you don't hear voices right away.  Depending on what is happening, or if  you call before the meeting begins, you may be put in purgatory ("the waiting room").
  • Be patient. Sometimes the sound gets muted, and you won't be able to be heard. It's always for a good cause and eventually you'll be un-muted.
Please don't let a distaste for technology keep you from taking your part with us.  We want you and we need you.  Once again, if you have questions, call the pastor: 878-379-4458.
Our care for one another includes staying close in ALL facets of our walk together as Christians.  We understand that you may not be able to keep up with your commitments, and encourage you to let us know.  You can call the church office during our normal hours (9-1, Mon. through Fri.), or contact Carol Wilson, our Financial Secretary, to update her with that information. However you are able to help at this time is important.  Our budgetary needs go on, even when you are not coming into the building.  Please take a moment to prayerfully consider where you are in your giving, and then...
  • Mail your offering envelope or check to us at 35895 Royalton Rd., Grafton, OH  44044, or
  • Use Bill-pay arrangements through your bank, or
  • Give online through PayPal, using your Paypal account or a debit card (you can even set up recurring payments, just like Bill-pay.  Just visit
We are grateful for your ongoing commitment to the ministries of the church and the mission of Jesus!
A lot of important ministries are growing at NECC.  Please share these with anyone who may find them useful.
  • Bible Study takes place Wednesdays at 6 on Zoom.  We are now moving to our second week of 4 Weeks with the Gospels, studying how each writer presents the Resurrection.
  • Faith and Film begins this Friday at 6.  Actually, the viewing time scheduled is at 6, but you are encouraged to watch it on your own.  Chocolat is the film we will discuss at 8:00 p.m. on Zoom.  We'd love to have you join us, with or without popcorn!
  • Christ's Cupboard has opened in our East Entrance (across from the playground) for anyone in the community to come "shop" 24 hours a day for needed pantry basics, including toilet paper!  Please share this with people you know who might benefit, and if anyone wants to contribute food basics, toiletries, paper products, etc., please drop them on the bench across from the Cupboard shopping shelves. Thanks in advance for your help!
  • Other resources are available, and we hope you will contact us for any basic needs you have.  We have volunteers who will help you with shopping, doctor visits, etc.  We just need to know.
We welcome your questions and encourage you to be a part of this rather exciting time of Christian ministry and witness.  If you'd like to volunteer, call or email the pastor.
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