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The Voice of the Day...

Good Morning, NECC Disciples and Friends!

This has been a great learning adventure, as your leaders and I continue to seek helpful ways to stay connected in this time of social distancing and separation from our "normal" way of life together as church.  I'm hopeful these periodic news updates prove to be helpful to you.  Some of us are working a little overtime these days to attempt to provide adequate pastoral care, as needed, and to encourage one another to faithful action as God's people.  I really think you'll be glad to see some of the updates below!

Please stay in touch with me, and read on for more news of the day.  I'm praying for each of you, as we continue to watch and wait in the wonder of God's transcendent love!

Grace and Peace!

Rev. David T. Chafin

Your Giving Matters!
During these days of separation, please remember that the church continues its vital ministries and missional commitments.
You are encouraged to use our online giving page,
or to
mail your tithes and offerings on your normal schedule of giving to: 
North Eaton Christian Church
35895 Royalton Rd.
Grafton, OH 44044

As always, your giving will be handled confidentially and with great gratitude.
God bless you for the gifts that God has given and that you have shared
as faithful and responsible stewards!
Good News:
It is with great joy that the Planning Committee and Trustees have approved the final plan and scope of work for our "Phase One" of the Capital Improvement Project with the architect. He is now opening our much-awaited building project for bids, and will soon provide those to us for selection.  That means, given God's grace and your continued support, we should soon be able to join in making a congregational decision to begin the long-awaited improvements! Stay tuned for further updates in the coming weeks.
We're Zooming!  Coffee Hour is Scheduled!
We're happy to say that, by using a new technology called "Zoom," we will be able to offer a new way for us to have conversation time together.  You can just phone in to listen and speak, or go online from your computer or smart phone with the app and see and be seen as well.  Visit to download the app. Send an email to or call if you're interested in joining in, or simply use the Meeting ID below to join us.

We will have a "Coffee Hour" conversation after the livestream of worship ends tomorrow (at 9:45) to share concerns, questions, prayer updates, etc.  Please join us! 

If you aren't inclined to join the video or use the app, just call in:
1-301-715-8592 or 1-253-215-8782
Enter the Meeting ID: 486 547 530 when prompted.

Be sure to read the article below about our Livestreamed Worship - you do NOT need to join Facebook to tune in!

Coming Events Updated
  • Free Concert, Sunday, April 5th
  • Free Meals
  • Easter Egg Hunt, Sunday, April 5th -- still collecting candy and asking for help to fill eggs
  • Chance Auction, Weds, April 22 -- still asking for donations
  • Boy and Girl Scouts -- not meeting but have lots of Syrup, Pancake mix and Cookies to sell
  • Sun Catchers -- need even more to fill the windows for Easter
  • Flowers for Easter  -- still taking orders
  • Food Pantry -- still accepting donations and still making up baskets for those in need
  • Easter Sunday Services
  • Offerings, Donations, and Contributions
The Free Concert that is normally held on the first Sunday of each month is postponed for April and TBD for May.  
Free Community Meals -- postponed for the time being.  
Easter Egg Hunt --  Candy donations are appreciated. As we are not able to gather in large groups it will not be our traditional hunt. We are considering simply filling the eggs and making them available in bags of a dozen or more to families to use at home.  Ideally, we would work with Midview Schools to hand out bags of eggs on the same day they hand out their meals.  They are using our parking lot as a pick-up point for free meals for students while school is out.

Chance Auction -- We are hoping we will still be able to hold the Auction on April 22 as a big event for the community.  Possibly as one of the first community events after the quarantine is lifted?  If not, we will consider other options, such as move it back a month or possibly allowing people to come in over a day or two to put their tickets in by the prizes then drawing and calling the winners without an audience.  This is a great opportunity for us to support our community as well.  In the past, we have been able to ask for and have received many generous donations of products and gift cards from local restaurants and businesses.  Now is a great time for us to return the favor by buying gift cards from them.  It will help their business with cash flow at this time when business is slow.   Also, consider donating products you buy from those who have home-based businesses such as Tastefully Simple, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Scentsy, etc.
Scouts -- Normally when the world goes crazy parents try to keep their children's routine as normal as possible but with quarantines, Scout meetings have been canceled right at the peak fundraising time for Cookies and Syrup/Pancake sales.  We can continue to support our Scouts (Boy/Cub Scouts and 4 Girl Scout Troops at NECC) by offering to buy some of their products.  Contact Polly to request cookies, maple syrup or pancake mix.
Sun Catchers --  We will be gathering together again soon.  We will still be celebrating the new life we are offered in Christ.  As part of that celebration, we are going to fill the windows in the Narthex with sun catchers.  In order to do that we need each worshipper to paint one or two sun catchers.  I, Polly, am willing to drop sun catchers, paint and brushes off to you and pick them up when you are done.  After we have had a week or two to enjoy them on and after Easter, we will send them to our shut-ins and one or two local nursing homes for them to be shared with their residents.
Flowers for Easter -- We are taking orders for Easter Flowers.   Call the church office at 440-748-2230 or email Kathleen at to place your order. We will be gathering together again soon.  We will be celebrating Easter together.  It may not be a traditional service in the Sanctuary but we will be together in some way.  We would like our worship space to be filled with flowers. What a beautiful way to see the new life we are promised after this dark time we are living through now. 
Food Pantry -- The Food Pantry is open for those who may need some help getting through the current situation.  Senior Boxes from Second Harvest are also available for those over 60.  Contact the church office to get more information on either the Food Pantry or Senior Boxes.  Donations are also needed to keep our shelves stocked especially as the quarantine wears on and home pantries begin to empty and money reserves run dry.
Easter Sunday Services -- We will be gathering together soon.  Prayers are that we will be able to worship as a church family in our church home for Easter Services.  It may not be a traditional gathering but we will be together.  Please watch our Facebook page, website as well as your email for more details as we approach Easter Sunday.
Offerings, Donations, and Contributions -- All are needed, welcome, and appreciated.  You can send your offerings and monetary donations to the church via regular mail or go to and follow the donation link. Please comment in the notes section on how you would like to direct your funds.  You can also drop off monetary, candy, non-perishable food items, and Chance Auction prizes at the church.  The East Entrance foyer is always open.  Items can be left on the bench with a note as to what the items are for. 

to watch our live Facebook videos!
It's true!  You, and anyone who has access to the internet, may view our public Facebook page, including photos and videos, and other current news of the church, by simply entering into any browser.  If you are a Facebook member, you can click to "Like" the page and you'll see it in your feed. 
Remember: Our Sunday morning livestream begins at 9 a.m.
You can sign up for a reminder this evening on the page,
or even tune in after the fact if you're sleeping in tomorrow!

UPDATED: Current Closures...

In consultation with the Elders and staff of our church, who have acted with confidence in God's provisions for us all, the following protocols are being observed...

  • Worship in Our Sanctuary will be suspended at least until Easter Morning.  We will advise you long before that of plans for how that gathering may happen, should the case require us to deviate from our "good old normal" church life resuming by then.  
  • Weddings, Funerals, and other events of religious importance will need to take place outside the church.  Currently, we are in prayer for 2 families whose celebrations of loved ones' lives are postponed indefinitely because of COVID-19, and the pastor is not making himself available for anything of that nature that is indoors.  Contact him for further discussion of anything upcoming during the present health crisis.
  • Meetings face-to-face are only by urgent necessity to continue the operation of the facility and will follow the guidance of the CDC for such occasions when they occur.
  • Office Hours will continue (9 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays) for the time being, but please call ahead before dropping in to be certain someone is there to receive you.  Those who need to be in the building are asked to take proper "social distancing" precautions while there, and to advise us of any concerns they observe regarding sanitation or other needs as they arise.
  • Pastoral Ministry will continue unabated, with consideration of the health of all involved, case by case.  Persons who have a pastoral need are asked to call the pastor directly at 878-379-4458, even if a message is being left at the church.
We know that this is a time of mixed opinions on these matters, and it has been with a great deal of soul-searching, as well as conversation, that these measures are being taken.  Please understand that it is foremost with the interests of the public (of which YOU are a part) in mind.  The Church of Jesus Christ has always been a unique People of God--even during times when assembly were under the threat of the sword--even when there were no "church buildings."  The gospel goes on, and I trust we will find creative ways to be that Good News in these times of separation, and even grief. 
Closing Reminders: Staying Connected
As we move through the increasing number of school, business, community shutdowns and the uncertainty this brings, know that the "church" does not shut down.  Yes, you are asked to keep your distance and not meet in large groups but the church is about the connections we have beyond the pews in the Sanctuary and the walls of the building.  

We, the staff and leadership of NECC, will continue to reach out to you via social media, emails, and phone calls, and be available to receive your messages by many avenues...
  • Church Office -- 440-748-2230. Regular weekday hours: 9 am - 1 pm. Kathleen will answer, or leave a message for later.  If an emergency, please call Rev. Chafin at 878-379-4458. You can email the church at:, or the pastor at:
  • is our website. There's plenty to explore, and you can do your online giving from that page very simply!
  • NECC(Disciples of Christ) is our private Facebook group, where you can see items of importance just for the congregation.  You'll need to be a member to get all the posts and to share information with others.  Note the spacing, and enter this into your Facebook search bar:  NECC(Disciples of Christ)
  • North Eaton Disciples is our public page, where anyone, even without Facebook, can see what's happening, watch videos, etc.  Share this with your friends:  If you're a Facebook member, you can like the page and see every post in your feed as they come up.  
  • North Eaton Christian Church is another place on Facebook to connect with those who have not migrated to the new page. You'll need to "friend" it in order to interact.  Simply type "North Eaton Christian Church" into your search bar.
  • YOUTUBE:  We have an excellent, growing YouTube Channel.  Anyone can go to and search for "North Eaton Christian Church" to see our videos of worship, special music, and other events of interest, and you can join our channel (subscribe--it's free!!!).
  • Twitter and Instagram:  If you are interested, many items on our Facebook page are also posted to Twitter and Instagram. Look us up using "neccdisciples" in either of these, and follow along. We love to hear from you in return, and to know you share what's happening with your friends!

Please watch for more news of the church here!

Do you need help with basic needs at this time?
Our Food Pantry is stocked,
and we have able bodies who can help with basic resources upon request.

Please call the church at 440-748-2230 (9 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays)
or Pastor David at 878-379-4458 (at any hour).
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