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At SMTC our aim is to further Montessori education by developing the full potential of educators and their communities through quality training. We are a national, not for profit organisation who strives to support Montessori education as a whole by providing training that is recognised globally for its excellence, rigour, and authenticity.

Montessori is an innovative, child centred approach to education which was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori over 100 years ago. If you are considering a career as a Montessori educator or wish to explore the Montessori philosophy further SMTC is here to advise, guide and help you on your journey. 

Our internationally recognised Directors of Training are accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), the only teacher training organisation founded by Dr. Maria Montessori herself. Our trainers have not only undergone an extensive focused study of Dr. Maria Montessori's work and her approach to education, they are supported by a team of experienced AMI advisors to ensure that the integrity and objectives of Dr. Maria Montessori’s pedagogical principles are upheld. With their many years of experience, our trainers are able to support you to make the connections between the Montessori philosophy and the materials used in the classrooms. 

AMI educators are in high demand around the world, and through SMTC you will be part of an international network of thousands of AMI Montessori educators and communities across six continents.

What is Montessori? 

“Montessori is an education for independence; preparing not just for school, but for life.” 
Maria Montessori
When we hear the word Montessori, we tend to think of an educational approach focused on early childhood, however Montessori extends beyond the early years through to adolescence and adulthood. It is not just an educational system it is also an understanding of how best to foster natural development in general.
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Are you looking for clear, simple, straightforward parenting advice? 

Parenting does not come with a guidebook and unfortunately, we can become overwhelmed with the amount of parenting information available to us, often offering conflicting and confusing advice leading to uncertainty as to how to best parent our children.

Aid to Life, an initiative of Association Montessori Internationale offers clear, simple, straightforward advice that is easy to understand and most importantly easy to apply.

The Aid to Life Initiative is founded on the idea that children develop optimally when they are brought up in an environment that supports their natural development, with an adult who understands how to connect them to positive activity and then allows them enough time to grow and develop according to their own pace and rhythm.

At the moment this website addresses the child between birth and three but its aim eventually is to address the needs of the child and the role of the parent with children all the way through to adolescence.

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Meet our Trainers:
Julia Hilson

In this issue, we talk with Julia Hilson, AMI Director of Training (0-3). Julia originally attended Dr. Silvana Montanaro’s course in London in the summer of 1990. The course inspired her, but it was not until 2000 that she took the AMI Assistant to Infancy course with the late Silvia Carbone-Singh from Mexico, which was the inaugural Australian 0-3 course. 

Julia will be delivering an online 0-3 Workshop at the upcoming AMI Refresher in July. She is also delivering an online AMI Orientation Course beginning in August. Her next AMI Diploma is scheduled to begin on 2nd September 2021 and will be delivered in blended format, with face-to-face components conducted at Brisbane Montessori School. Further information about Julia’s next Diploma course can be found here

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My Environment - Headland Montessori, North Head Sanctuary Manly

At the very tip of Manly, in NSW, there is a nature refuge called North Head Sanctuary.  Complete with epic views of Sydney Harbour, wild flowers, native wildlife and military relics from World War II.

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Upcoming Professional Development
Online Refresher course - July 2021

SMTC welcomes all Montessori diploma holders in the relevant age-level who are currently employed to work with children in a school, centre or classroom environment as either a leader, teacher, director, lead educator, educator leading learning support for children with special needs or similar roles.  

0-3 Diploma Workshop

Topic: Emotional – Social  Development: 

This refresher will include reference to recent evidence-based findings in these areas and their relevance to our roles as parents and experienced educators.

Dr Montessori’s revelation of the Absorbent Mind ranks as one of the most profound insights into the life of babies and toddlers.  The ‘incarnations’ will significantly influence so many aspects of an individual’s development in the first few years of life! They will bear most strongly on the child’s emotional and social development – for better or for worse.  What the child absorbs, and incarnates, will depend substantially upon the human and physical environment within which the child experiences life.

3-6 Diploma Workshop

Topic: ‘Where are the readers?’

There is an increasing focus on the literacy and numeracy skills of children in Australia with alarming results being released of poor skills in people entering and even leaving Universities!  Parents, teachers and schools all want to offer the best to the children but with such an array of different language systems and approaches this can become confusing and daunting very quickly.


6-12 Diploma Workshop

Topic: Observation and Engagement

Revisit Montessori’s writings, complete video observations and collect data from your own classroom. Do your lessons generate spontaneous activity or do the children wander off afterwards?

Dr. Montessori emphasised the importance of regular observation to guide us in working with children.  This refresher focuses on how to place observation at the centre of planning and presenting at the 6 – 12 level.



New courses

BRISBANE - BRISBANE MONTESSORI SCHOOL will be hosting the face-to-face component of the AMI 0-3 Diploma commencing September 2021.  This course will be delivered in a part-time block-mode, from September, 2021 – January 2023 in a blended format (online and face-to-face).

Interviews for acceptance on this course will be held in the last week of May. It is recommended that you provide your completed application form and supporting documentation to SMTC prior to this date.  Get your application in early to secure your place on the course! 

Places are strictly limited!

Have you been missing the in-person collaborative and social aspects of training? 

We are excited to announce that we will be delivering the  AMI 3-6 Orientation Certificate over the NSW mid-year school holidays at our Rozelle training centre. This course will be offered in-person, full-time over 9 days commencing Saturday June 26 2021. 

AMI 3-6 Diploma This course will be delivered in block mode, from January, 2022 - July 2023 face-to-face at the training centre in Rozelle, Sydney.

Interviews for acceptance on this diploma course will be held on the 26th June 2021. It is recommended that you provide your completed application form and supporting documentation to SMTC prior to this date.  Get your application in early to secure your place on the course! 

Places are strictly limited!

PERTH - ROCKINGHAM MONTESSORI SCHOOL will be hosting the face-to-face component of the AMI 3-6 Diploma commencing online in January 2022. This course will be delivered in block-mode, from January, 2022 – July 2023 in a blended format (online and face-to-face). We are currently accepting applications for this course.


Upcoming Events

Each month STMC hosts Information Sessions via zoom giving you the opportunity to meet the trainers where they discuss what an AMI Diploma involves. The next Information session is scheduled for Wednesday May 26 2021 at 7.00pm.


Payment Plans reminder

SMTC offers payment plans for all AMI Diploma courses enabling you to spread the payments over the duration of the course.

We also offer an Orientation Certificate to Diploma Tuition Fee Credit which is available to each student who completes an AMI Orientation Certificate receives a tuition fee credit of ($1300) toward tuition fees for the next AMI Diploma.
"He does it with his hands, by experience, first in play and then through work. The hands are the instruments of man's intelligence."
Dr. Maria Montessori | The Absorbent Mind, p. 25
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