SMTC Newsletter Issue #4

At SMTC our aim is to further Montessori education by developing the full potential of educators and their communities through quality training. 

Montessori is an innovative, child centred approach to education which was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori over 100 years ago. If you are considering a career as a Montessori educator or wish to explore the Montessori philosophy further SMTC is here to advise, guide and help you on your journey. 

What is Montessori?

People seeking to understand more about Montessori education sometimes ask about the different approach used by a Montessori teacher compared to that used by a conventional or mainstream teacher. Although we often refer to the leading adult in a Montessori classroom as a ‘teacher’, Dr Maria Montessori originally changed the name of this adult to ‘directress’ in honour of the more profound and important work she invited her teachers to do. Today we often refer to the Montessori teacher as a ‘guide’.   

Inherent in the term ‘guide’ is an overarching difference in the approach used within a Montessori environment compared to a conventional ‘teacher’.
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Discover why Montessori Education is so engaging
Video - courtesy of ISMS

Meet our Trainers:
Rebecca Dallam

In this issue, we talk with Rebecca Dallam, AMI Director of Training (6-12).  Rebecca originally did her AMI 3-6 Diploma in 1986-7 in the US at what was then called the Washington Montessori Institute.  She subsequently completed her AMI 6-12 Diploma in the institute’s first summer course (1994-1996), under the guidance of Kay Baker, the 6 - 12 Director of Training at WMI. 

Rebecca will be delivering an online 6-12 Orientation Certification course online in June and her next AMI 6-12 Diploma course at SMTC is scheduled to start in Sydney in November, 2021.

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Online Refresher Course: July 2021

Do not miss the opportunity to refresh your Montessori knowledge and connect with like minded educators!

SMTC welcomes all Montessori diploma holders in the relevant age-level who are currently employed to work with children in a school, centre or classroom environment as either a leader, teacher, director, lead educator, educator leading learning support for children with special needs or similar roles.

0-3 Diploma Workshop  - Emotional – Social  Development
3-6 Diploma Workshop - Where are the readers?
6-12 Diploma Workshop - Observation and Engagement


Closing dates for our AMI Diploma Courses

AMI 0-3 Diploma, Brisbane - Friday, 9th July 2021
AMI 3-6 Diploma, Melbourne - Monday, 2nd August 2021
AMI 6-12 Diploma, Sydney -  Monday 16th August 2021

We require applications by this date to ensure that we provide adequate time to process and approve your application and to allow you to prepare for your scheduled meeting with the Director of Training prior to the commencement of each course.

Upcoming events: AMI Montessori Diploma Information Session

Each month STMC hosts an AMI Montessori Diploma Information session via zoom. These free sessions give you the opportunity to meet the trainers, hear from past students and get an insight into what an AMI Montessori Diploma involves. The next information session is scheduled for Wednesday, 30th June  2021 at 7.00pm (AEST).



Reminder! AMI Montessori Diploma Course payment plans


SMTC offers payment plans for all AMI Diploma courses enabling you to spread the payments over the duration of the course.

We also offer an Orientation Certificate to Diploma Tuition Fee Credit.  Each student who completes an AMI Orientation Certificate receives a tuition fee credit of $1300 toward tuition fees for the next AMI Diploma of the same age group.

Podcast Recommendation: All Things Montessori

All Things Montessori Podcast is a podcast devoted to discussing all aspects of Montessori hosted by AMI 6-12 Trainer and Consultant Jamie Rue and Montessori Guide and Administrator Rachel Merle-Smith. From teacher support, Montessori in the home and classroom management, to Montessori theory and self-care, Jamie and Rachel are dedicated to supporting the global Montessori community.

“She [the Montessori teacher] must acquire a moral alertness which has not hitherto been demanded by any other system, and this is revealed in her tranquility, patience, charity, and humility. Not words, but virtues, are her main qualifications.” 

Maria Montessori 'The Discovery of the Child'

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