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Get Inspired for Back to School!

According to Supermarket News, Back to School spending is expected to increase this year, even with inflation and the volatility of the past few years of Covid. 

Did you know?
  • Shoppers are projected to spend $34.4B on K-12 students, which is an 8% increase from last year!
  • Back-to-college shoppers are estimated to increase their spending 10% to $28.3 billion, or $1,600 per student.
  • 64% of survey respondents expect out-of-stocks this year, and given inflationary pressures, inventory shortages, and uncertain economic situations, brand loyalty is at risk. 77% of shoppers said they will trade brands in those cases.
Inspire your consumers with easy-to-cart back to school essentials!  Click here or on the demo ad to drop our example Back to School essentials bundle into your Target cart now!
*This is a mock-up for illustrative purposes only

The Coupon of Tomorrow: 

8112 Universal Digital Coupons

A fragmented landscape - As consumers have moved to digital devices, the coupon industry has become fragmented between traditional print coupons and digital coupon codes available to consumers today.  As if the pressure from consumers' digital migration weren't enough for print coupons, many brands have struggled for years with coupon stacking, fraud, and cumbersome redemption processes.

The Coupon Bureau & 8112 Digital Coupons - Due to this fragmentation and high levels of fraud in traditional couponing, The Coupon Bureau was created to help bring a new non-profit centralized data exchange connecting all stakeholders to a new Universal Digital Coupon positive offer file.  This will enable new 8112 digital coupons, which will bridge the gap between the strengths of more traditional coupons and the digital ecosystem consumers are using today.  8112 coupons will be able to be used both in-store (via a consumer's mobile wallet) as well as digitally.  The coupons will also be validated in real-time to help prevent stacking and fraud.  In order to complete the redemption process in a secure and frictionless manner, the Coupon Bureau has partnered with accelerators to work as connectors between retailers and their universal offer file. 

Accelerators & Click2Cart - As an official 8112 accelerator, SmartCommerce will play a pivotal role in this process.  Our technology will provide centralized authorization, GTIN validation ensuring the coupon is redeemed for the intended purchase requirements, serialized single use distribution, and real-time redemption data.

SmartCommerce 8112 Coupon Website
The magic really comes in when our clients will be able to connect the 8112 coupons with their Click2Cart links (be on the lookout for this in the coming months)!  This integration will allow consumers to be able to cart items directly from any digital touchpoint, with the coupon code applied and validated in real-time.

Learn more - In July, many major manufacturers released their first available 8112 coupons in partnership with The Coupon Bureau.  As retailers continue to onboard, you can follow along with the evolution with us each month via SmartBites.

The benefits of Vanity URLs go beyond branding!

  • Whenever your Click2Cart link is visible to the consumer (on hover for any link, and in the URL bar for Shopper’s Choice or SmartShelves) the familiar name can give consumers an extra measure of comfort with using your links!

  • Platforms and servers that scan for link-brand matches can connect your links to your brand. 

Ready to get started?  Here's how:

  • Contact your client excellence lead and let them know what name you would like applied to your URLs.  Available only to brands with annual subscriptions, and each brand can have only one branded name.  

  • Once a brand name is added to your implementation, it will automatically be added to all new links made by you or your designated agencies (and it even can be added to existing links). Note: even with the vanity name enabled, you can still use the default Click2Cart URL (without the vanity name) if desired. 

Adweek Commerce Week is July 26-28


You can join Adweek Commerce Week in person or virtually by registering here.

This hybrid event will cover everything from chat, voice and the metaverse to immersive shopping experiences on social media. Marketers, creators, media and tech execs will share how to create and build the future customer journey from end-to-end.

As the official Insights Partner of Adweek Commerce Week 2022, we are polling attendees to get their thoughts on the latest and greatest in the commerce marketing space.  Stay tuned for our exclusive report from the Adweek Audience eCommerce Insights Survey later this summer!

Retailer Update

We are actively bringing on new retail partners each month, so please visit our current retailer list located within SmartHub. This month we have added the following retailers: 

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