December 2021
eCommerce Insights Report 
SmartCommerce was the official Insights Partner at AdWeek - Commerce Week, where we asked participants about their thoughts and predictions for 2022. Here's a sneak peek of what we learned! 
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Creative Bundling Sells More Products

As consumers load up their pantries this holiday season, out of stocks are becoming more common. SmartCommerce can help you get more products into carts with creative holiday bundling. 

We typically see 1.2 to 2X CTR on simple online bundles. 73% of consumers indicated an interest in adding bundles of CPG products to their cart at once. While recipes take the lead, other bundles (such as holiday packs) are of interest to consumers, as well.

Here's a quick example: while it might be challenging to sell marshmallows themselves, it's easy to sell them as a holiday bundle with hot cocoa and chocolates!

Click here or click on the demo ad below to try it out for yourself! 

New Survey Data:
Consumers Are Pantry-Loading This Holiday Season

Do you keep your pantry well-stocked? We recently conducted a consumer survey and learned that consumers are pantry-building or pantry-loading due to fear of shortages, out of stocks, and more - especially over the holiday season. Here are some of the most interesting findings related to this trend! 
92% of consumers have purposely purchased more groceries, home care or personal care items than they needed. 

Of those 92%, 65.5% of consumers did so because they were worried there would be shortages, and 45.9% heard there might be purchase limitations.

77.3% of consumers plan on purchasing extra quantities of groceries, home care, or personal care items in the coming months. 
New SmartCommerce Retailer Partners
We are actively bringing on new retail partners each month, so please visit our current retailer list located within SmartHub. In December, we added the following retailers: Olimpica - Colombia (National, WTB), Central Oeste - Argentina (National, WTB), Dia - Argentina (Local, WTB), PetValu - Canada (National, WTB), BevMax Powered by Instacart (Local, Confirm to Cart), Maxi - Canada - (Local, WTB).

We are actively bringing on new retail partners each month, so please visit our current retailer list located within SmartHub.
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