May 2021
Q1 Research Wrap Up:
Men Love Online Shopping

We recently conducted a survey that asked consumers about their shopping habits and found that contrary to just about every stereotype, ever, MEN are most likely to report "loving" the feeling of putting a product in the cart. 40.1% of men said they "love" the feeling vs. just 22.6% of women. Overall, though, online shopping feels great to both genders, with 72% of men and 64% of women saying they either "love" the feeling or find it "fun." 

Men are also more likely to take action right away when they see something in an online ad. While both men and women regularly drop a product into a cart so as not to forget it, men are twice as likely to buy it immediately, while women are far more likely to make a mental note to buy it later. 
4 Memorial Day All-Stars You Need

Memorial Day will be here before you know it! If you haven't started preparing for your weekend, this All American Starter Pack can help get you started. 

Click here or click on our demo ad below to drop all of these products into your Target cart.

We're Making it Easier for You to Share Your Campaigns!

We wanted to make it easier to share the news about your campaigns with your internal brand teams or agency clients, so we created a new content library in SmartHub. There is a new button under "For Brands & Agencies," called "Presentation Toolkit," where you will find downloadable content on the following topics:
  • SmartLink Best Practices
  • Why Click2Cart & Why SmartCommerce
  • Benchmarks & Reporting
  • Campaign Spotlights 
A Short Cut for Your Tech Teams

A new tech manuals page has been created for brand technical teams who don't have access to SmartSuite, including a SmartLink and SmartSite User Manual, Technical Implementation Guide, Public API Guide SmartSuite Release Notes, list of retailers, and more. Please contact your Client Ops Lead if your tech teams need access to this content for implementation.          
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